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Want to Convert Your Old Bicycle to a Modern E Bike? Here’s How!


A lot of people would love to own an e bike, or electronic bike. However, these things are incredibly expensive. Luckily, however, you can now also purchase an e bike conversion kit, which means you can transform an old bike into a modern speed machine. Conversion kits are affordable, which means that you could be saving hundreds of dollars. However, not all conversion kits are created equally. This means that you have to spend some time looking into what you are actually getting and whether or not that is beneficial to you. Below are some of the most important questions to ask.

What to Ask before You Buy an E Bike Conversion Kit

  1. Can you fix it with regular DIY skills, or do you need a professional? Some conversion kits are complex pieces of machinery that require specialized skills and experience to be installed. If this is what you are going for, then you may as well just purchase an e bike, because the services of professionals are incredibly expensive.

  2. What type of technology is included in the kit? Usually, they come with a hub motor that is spoked into a wheel. Usually, you will also find some sort of throttle control. More advanced models also have pedal sensors, which means that they automatically start working as soon as you put pressure on the pedal. These are the more expensive models, however.

  3. Does it attach to the back or the front wheel? This is an important question, particularly if you want to convert your bike yourself. Front hub motors tend to be the easiest to install. If you then put the batteries to the rear, the weight of the entire kit will also be equally distributed. However, front forks are often less strong, which means that there is a chance of breakage. Plus, putting the motor on the front makes it very visible. This doesn’t mean the rear kit is automatically better for you. It is hard to install and most derailleurs on these kits don’t allow for the standard 7-speed freewheel that most modern bikes come with. Plus, all the weight will be at the back, so it’s more unbalance.

  4. What requirements does your bike has to meet in order for the conversion kit to work? You will probably have to check the rear dropout width of your frame, as well as what type of gearing system you have to make sure it is compatible. In many cases, you have to have a screw-on freewheel type in order to be able to fit a rear hub motor. Make sure you know what the size of your wheel is as well.

  5. How do you mount the battery? No matter what type of kit you choose, you have to make sure you know how the battery mounts and whether this will work on the particular frame of your bicycle. The battery is usually mounted to the seat post, the frame or the rear rack.



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