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New wearables set to hit the market


Smart wearable technology really came in to its own this year with a number of high profile wearable devices hitting the market and exciting consumers across the globe. And now with these consumers hungry for more and developers keen to move things on as swiftly as possible we can expect new and improved products to hit the market over the next 12 months or so, as well as some brand new wearable products that will simply be game changers.


It’s been a long time coming but virtual reality is set to make a significant splash in 2016 and one of the front runners will be the Oculus Rift. This new virtual reality head-mounted display will quite literally change the way in which we play games, watch movies and immerse ourselves into virtual environments and experience them like never before. Due early next year the Rift development team will also be looking to further develop many other immersive elements and accessories, such as the omnidirectional treadmill, that will evolve this incredible technology further and take the player deeper and deeper into the gaming experience.


The Bragi Dash is another great example of a successful campaign launched on crowdfunding site KickStarter. They are the world’s first smart wireless earphones and even comes with 4GB of built in storage allowing you to upload songs to it directly so you’ll have no need to carry around another device in order to stream from. You control the earbuds with swipes and taps and it even has the added bonus of being able to help you keep track of steps and your heart rate much like many other apps and physical-based wearables on the market.


Whilst 2016 is promising plenty of full-on virtual reality tech hitting shelves the obvious and equally phenomenal looking alternative has got to be that of augmented reality. The innovative HoloLens merges the real world with virtual elements that are overlaid as holograms into the actual environment around you, and quite frankly the functional possibilities are endless. The holograms can be pinned into place allowing you to move around them and even manipulate them by touch. Aside from practical uses the entertainment aspects are also an exciting prospect with games such as Halo 5 already being developed for AR use. The MS HoloLens will certainly help make gaming even more accessible and immersive allowing us to play games, and even watch movies in a way we haven’t experience before.


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