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Save money, and stay connected with VoIP

TechnologySave money, and stay connected with VoIP

Businesses and people who use a VoIP phone system generally start seeing return on their investment in about a year. With advancing technology, these phones using internet protocol and are no longer just cheap substitutes for land line phones but useful tools for your business. They provide a lot more service than any land line business phone and reduce the cost to run your company. There are free and paid for services for this form of telecommunication, free is generally less quality and can contain more static if your internet connectivity is not solid. Paid for services usually take care of hosting so you don’t need an IP based PBX, private branch exchange, and they have their own service network to give you more reliable connections on mobile phones.

VoIP phones are the best for a business that is spread out. If you have affiliates or employees in another state or country that you need to keep in contact with, VoIP providers have very competitive rates for long distance communications. As long as there is good internet connectivity where you are, this is a cheaper more versatile option for your business.

VoIP invoiceWhy is it cheaper?

If you are in business today you use internet, it is an essential tool for communication and marketing. Since VoIP phones use the internet, their service providers can offer a much lower rate for both local and international calling. You may not even have to buy or lease new hardware to use for this system since it can be used with pretty much any phone. If you want to keep your old analog phones, all you need is an adaptor. There are no phones that tie you to a specific provider; you will be able to use standardized phones or even your mobile phone. Vonage VoIP service plan costs $40 /line /month while Verizon small business is 51.99/line/month. If you only need one or two phones and don’t do a lot of international calling, you can get away with using an even cheaper provider and pay between $5 and $20 /line/month. The VoIP service comes with a lot more utility than the phone system and is cheaper.

What other advantages are there?

The scalability of a VoIP phone system is very good. You can use any phone and the price of adding a line is cheaper. It is recommended that you use a SIP phone to get the most out of your system. Adding a new phone is fairly simple, you will just have to update your software settings or if you got it from your provider it may just need to be plugged in. Many providers will have data so you can take calls even when you are on the road.

It is a future phone with many more options including the usual conference calling, internet faxing, etc … These phones are virtual receptionists with advanced options in call screening and forwarding. Many providers offer a service that inscribes voicemail to a text file or email. The largest advantage of these phones is their integration with the rest of your office. You can make calls from pretty much any device and can talk over video. If you know what Skype is, these systems use the same principal, though the benefits a provider gives you outweighs the free options like Skype.

Some Disadvantages … Maybe

If you have a shotty or slow internet connection this would not be a good product for you. If the internet goes down you will not be able to take any calls, so some companies keep a regular phone for backup. This is usually unnecessary because any calls coming in will still go to voicemail and if you have a mobile device, calls can be routed there instead. The number of lines you can have may be limited to your internet speed. You can use a test like Ring Central’s connection capacity test to figure out how many phones your internet can handle at the same time. A good bench mark is a 15Mbps connection can easily handle 11 lines busy at the same time while still being able to use your internet, even streaming videos or music.

Most providers do not offer emergency calling and charge extra if they do. For this reason, you may want to keep a regular phone around so that you can call for police or ambulance if necessary.


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