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6 Top iPhone 6s Tips to Make Your Life Easier


When you get your hands on the new iPhone you’re guaranteed hours of enjoyment figuring out exactly what this new model can do for you. To help make sure you discover everything the new iPhone 6S is capable of, we put together this list of must-see features to help make your life more organised, easier, and more fun.

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1. Take a Live Photo

Live photos are a good addition to an already powerful camera app included in the iPhone. Whenever you take a photo with the iPhone you are also recording a smaller amount of video before and after the shot. Put together, the image and video combine to create a live image – along with sound, too. You can turn off this feature if you are concerned about the large size of these live photos.

2. Skip to an App Action

Do you know exactly what you want to do with an app before you open it? If so, you can press down with a firm touch on the app icon and a menu of options will appear. You go to the action you want to complete, without having to first open the app and then choose. For example, if you choose the selfie mode on the camera then you will automatically open the app with the front-facing lens.

3. Peek and Pop

If you want a “peek” at what’s in a link or email you press down on the link and hold, looking at a preview of the contents plus a menu of options such as Open Link or Copy. If you want to go back out of the link you simply release the pressure. If you want to enter, you press down harder. This is a great feature although not all apps have the functionality included yet.

4. Select Text More Easily

Press down firmly on the keyboard and you can turn it into a track pad so you move the cursor wherever you want within the message you are writing. When you press down again, you highlight the text and can more easily edit, copy or paste.

5. Change the Sensitivity of the 3D Touch Feature

Not everyone “gets” 3D Touch immediately. You may have to adjust the settings to work out how much pressure you need to use to move between options. Thankfully this is easy to do.

6. Use Siri Hands-Free

You can activate Siri even when the screen is off and the phone is locked, simply by voice command. You can set up the system to only respond to your voice, after which you should be able to say “Hey Siri” at any point and you will launch Siri.

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