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Pay Per Click Advertising Is the Quickest Way to Reach Out to New Clients


The power of the Internet is truly remarkable. In the old days, marketers bought ads on television, radio or newspapers and prayed that their message reached the right people. Today, that strategy is turned on its head. Instead, contemporary marketing pros use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to advertise only to consumers that are searching for products, services or related queries at the exact right moment in time. For that reason, pay per click advertising as a subsection of SEM has proven extremely effective in generating new clients for businesses.

There are essentially two main forms of SEM. Both require professionals with years of experience to execute these strategies. Due to the fact that the market is so competitive, only experts or consulting companies with the know-how have the ability to bring in new clients quickly. Amateurs learning SEM on internet forums or YouTube will not be very successful.

Pay per click scheme

One type of SEM is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO drives web traffic to a site naturally based on links, keywords, relevant content and repeated use from many users. As these factors get optimized, the website naturally moves up the rankings of organic search. It takes a company like London, Ontario’s Digital Clicks Marketing some time to align the right keywords with users search patterns, but once they do, your company’s website will climb higher and higher on Google’s SERP (or Search Engine Results Page). For example, there are many people that would like to be at the top of the page when someone types in “Hotel Las Vegas” which is one of the most expensive paid keywords out there. The websites that are at the top of the page naturally get a free ad over and over again. While the cost is considerably less than other forms of SEM, it takes longer and much more attention to the whims of the search engines to get so high in the rankings.

The second, more widely used type of SEM is pay per click (PPC) advertising. Pay per click advertising is the most popular form of web advertising. Businesses on average earn $2 for every $1 they spend on pay per click ads. Marketers purchase keywords on leading websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and over time, they narrow down the keywords that are generating the largest conversions for the company with the least marketing expenditure. If you want your ads reaching clients who are actively searching for your product or service, marketing and PPC professionals at Digital Clicks Marketing — who have knowledge of this process —can help you create a huge return on your investment by delivering ads directly to people who want them, whether on a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Mobile targeted PPC is an even more effective way to target someone that needs to make a purchase immediately, since mobile searching has replaced typical web traffic over the last few years.

If you want to see your company’s online presence grow and flourish, don’t hire some fly-by-night grad student advertising on Craigslist. If you want to succeed in the SEM game, you need to put your trust in a reliable and web-savvy marketer like Digital Clicks — professionals who can get you results quickly. Around 95% of Google’s revenue is based on the powerful SEM model of advertising which is composed of SEO and PPC working together to bring customers and companies together. Isn’t it time you embraced the contemporary, and learned how to use PPC to rapidly turn prospects into new clients?


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