There are few words more to write about the social networks and how big they are and how much are in the everyday’s life of everyone. Yes, social networks have changed the way we live in the same way Google changed the way we search for info or Whatsapp changed the way we use our smartphones.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and it means the process of change any website to have a better valuation by the search engines, mainly Google, to appear in higher positions in its search results. Theorically, a site with good SEO will be the first result offered by Google. Unfortunately, Google forgot its old principles (“Don’t be evil”) and now most first results are not the better ones, but those who have paid the highest fee.

If you manage a website, the question is what kind of relationship should you keep with social networks.

As long as Google changed the search for the users and the way they “start Internet”, website owners have must change its own websites to adapt these patterns and now their websites have a pinch of SEO (or a full wagon in some cases). If Google will rank first one page with the words you are looking for written in bold characters, then website owners will remark their most important terms in bold fonts. That is SEO.

More recently, social networks have changed the way most users browse the Internet. In 2016 you don’t need to open a web browser to have a scope of the online world; if you have a bunch of friends or contacts in your social networks, they will share with you a stream of images, links, comments, videos, animated gifs and any kind of info which can be shared in these networks. If you read carefully the last sentence, you will realize that only links can give you some traffic directly to your website. Even more, if you have something in your website suitable to be shared in social networks, probably that content will be stolen and shared ad infintum with no recognition.

Viral video - Charlie hit my finger

In the other hand, everybody knows a history about a guy who became famous because his history, his picture, his video or anything else, became viral. Viral is the holy grail of the social networks; a viral video could make you famous in two weeks and give you a seat beside a famous singer in a TV show. A viral story could make tens of thousands of people send you millions of dollars for your piteous dog.

As a website owner, you must search a balance while integrating social media on your website, but you can’t forget a rule of thumb: social networks have their own interests and what is easy and very productive for you, could become very expensive next week and ruin your business. On the contrary, your website is yours and only you can change policies and determine what is useful and what must be replaced.

In the long term, every website owner should focus on his users and give them the best user experience possible. Maybe that includes any kind of “social experience”, or maybe it’s time to think in the app environment, or make some changes to have more presence in smartphones…

Nobody knows the best solution for every website (it’s impossible: there’s no way to have all the users in all of the websites at once) but anyone should keep the party in house.


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