Streamlined perfection is what Samsung is calling their design, and tech critics are agreeing with the title. The Galaxy S7 consists of smooth, modern lines that create a pretty sophisticated look. But looks aren’t everything. The new dual-curve backing and the thin form factor combine to make the S7 one of the most comfortable phones to hold and use. Masterful use of materials creates a waterproof and dust-free smartphone. When your phone looks this good, you’re going to want to make sure it stays that way; yet, a single moment of carelessness, distraction, or bad luck can threaten the impeccable design of your S7. To remove the risk of damaging your beautiful phone, you need to add a Galaxy S7 skin.

Samsung S7

This upgrade to the phone’s defences isn’t a clunky or awkward addition. S7 skins are made with the phone in mind, so they’re as smooth and slim as the phone is. That’s why the best S7 skins are made with 3M vinyl – a material that’s strong and durable yet thin enough to complement its aesthetics perfectly without compromising any of the progress Samsung’s made. Adding only 0.23 millimetres to the phone itself, a S7 skin will ensure the phone is still as comfortable to hold as ever. In fact, the textured material of the vinyl will make it even easier to hold, as Galaxy S7 skins provide additional traction for your fingers to grip.

Galaxy S7 skins are cut to measure according to the specific design blueprints of the S7, including its dual-curve backing. Every port, speaker, and lens is accommodated, and no portion of the phone is left unprotected – expect for the touchscreen, of course! With superior coverage, the 3M vinyl will ensure the S7 is safe from scuffs, scratches, and dents. It can stand up to sharp objects, rough handling, and unlucky situations that typically result in damaged phones.

A tight fit and superior protection isn’t the only ways Galaxy S7 skins pay homage to the phone’s style. 3M vinyl skins are the ultimate fashion accessory, so your skin is as much about style as it is about protection. The best skin retailers can process their 3M material to take on a look befitting the S7. You can even customize your skin to match your style when you go to You can check out their website’s build-a-skin feature to create a truly unique combination of colors and textures. Whether you want your S7 to be bright pink carbon fiber or ultra-cool zebra wood, there’s an option that will suit your personal taste.

With just a thin piece of vinyl, you can build on the amazing design of the S7 and create a protected and unique phone. Rough surfaces and sharp objects no longer have to be watched with concern. A custom-made Galaxy S7 skin will save your phone from damage that could ruin its perfected design.


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