Disk partitions are needed to arrange your data into separate drives. It additionally makes sense to keep the system drives different as well as run scheduled maintenance jobs (fragmentation, cleaning up etc.) on them to ensure that the operating system gives you better user experience.

It is never recommended to keep both system and files in same drive partition because if you have to format the system partition for some reason, your data will certainly be shed unless you back it up. EaseUS Partition Manager is one of the best tools to manage partitions and also offers much more services compared to others in the market.

EaseUS Partition Magic Free , enables you to set up and also manage partitions on your hard disk(s). You can erase or style, and resize and also relocate your partitions. If you do not have any free disk area you could decrease the size of an existing partition, and make use of the unallocated disk space to create bigger or new partitions to better manage your data.

EaseUS Partition Software actions

Furthermore, you could view disk and also partition properties, set a primary partition, change drive letters and much more.

EaseUS Partition Master is considered as all-in-one partition management tool. Its feature-filled partition manager that will not just allow you do the fundamentals of partition management (create, delete, layout, resize, shrink, merge, and so on) but will also permit you to duplicate drives/partitions and also safely clean drives/partitions.

EaseUS Partition Software report

EaseUS Partition Master has two versions, Home Edition and a Professional Edition. Home Edition is totally free for home use while Professional Edition costs you $39.95. Generally, Home Edition has all the features of Professional Edition besides two: the ability to develop WinPE-based bootable media and also the ability to resize dynamic disk partitions.

The main features

  • Fairly very easy and pretty straightforward to understand
  • Has the common partition administration tools (resize, format, delete, combine, reduce, create, split, expand, move).
  • Has an intriguing ‘upgrade disk’ function which permits you to copy your present disk to a larger disk and also boot from that other disk.
  • Supports Windows and Linux files systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/EXT3).
  • Supports external and also internal difficult drives/devices, USB devices, sd card, and so on
  • Supports RAID.
  • Supports MBR (approximately 2TB) and also GPT (as much as 4TB) disks.
  • Supports UEFI/EFI boot.
  • Create WinPE-based bootable CD/DVD/USB (Pro only).
  • Users could password-protect the tool.
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Recover deleted or lost partitions

EaseUS Partition Master is an extraordinary partition manager. Not only does it provide the essentials of partition management but it also provides many functions that surpass the basics.

One of the fascinating features of the tools is its ‘upgrade disk’ capability. This feature enables you to migrate date from your system drive to a bigger disk drive as well as boot from that drive. When you are putting in a larger drive in your computer system.

EaseUS Partition Software new partitions

What makes EaseUS Partition Master appealing is not merely the features it supplies, although it does provide great features, but rather that it has free as well as paid variations. The free version has nearly all of the same functions as the paid one, except the two features: the ability to create WinPE-based and Linux-based bootable media and also the capability to resize dynamic disks. The absence of the last feature won’t be a big problem as lots of people use standard disks.

Basically, EaseUS Partition Master Professional is just one of the ultimate solution to create, resize/move, delete, combine, split partitions, etc. making better usage of hard disk drive storage space.


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