WhatsApp is undoubtedly a go-to messaging platform for millions of people around the world, courtesy of its successful attempt to make communication on the go convenient and fun. However, its security concerns are still as problematic as they were when this app was first brought to life. WhatsApp has never been fully secure. It was vulnerable to hackers and crackers as they could intercept the communications with surprising ease. And when the developers finally succeeded in tackling this issue by introducing end-to-end encryption, spy apps for Android and iPhone surfaced to put up a solid resistance. WhatsApp has come a long way in terms of security since its inception, and the team behind the service has implemented several security precautions during this time. But has the service finally been able to ensure a secure communication channel for users, or is it still very much at the mercy of spy apps? Let’s find out.


An Ordinary Track Record

WhatsApp didn’t come with a foolproof security at launch, but things were supposed to get better with time. However, that didn’t happen either, as was highlighted by reports of hacking incidents that frequently made the headlines. It took its time, but the developers finally realized the importance of security and incorporated multiple new security measures into the service, which included encrypting the communications while they are in transit. This sure helps in keeping hackers at bay as they are unable to kick the door as easily as they were doing before. However, luck just isn’t on WhatsApp’s side as spy apps have dived into action.

A Relentless Threat

Spy apps have been around for quite some time, but lately, their market is witnessing a rapid growth, which in turn is leading to more innovations and advancement in spying technology. At this point, spy apps are capable of keeping tabs on other people’s messages, phone calls, location, emails, videos, pictures, social networks, and most importantly, WhatsApp. These spy apps are managing to bypass the encryption defense and allowing users to snoop on someone else’s WhatsApp conversations, hence rendering the security precautions completely useless. So if a person gets their hands on a spy app and installs it on your phone, then you can kiss your privacy goodbye because all of your activity can then be monitored. This has become a huge issue for messaging platforms, as well as for people who crave privacy.

Who’s Winning?

It is pretty apparent from the above discussion that spy apps currently have a leg up on WhatsApp. Even with their incredibly foolproof security measures, developers have been unable to hamper spy apps’ ability to grant a third party unsolicited access to someone’s private communications. People who are concerned about their privacy and want to keep everything they do to themselves will have to find a new messaging platform because the way things are going at the moment, WhatsApp isn’t a safe tool by any means, and spy apps are clearly winning. That being said, looking at the history of WhatsApp, we can see that the service has overcome many challenges. However, this time around, the developers will really have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to overcome the existing threat.


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