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7 apps every news junkie should have


If you love being the first person to hear about breaking news or are obsessed with knowing exactly what’s happening in the world at any given moment, then you should download some of the latest news apps. Customize your news feeds, get curated lists of headlines, and learn the latest in any given industry with just a touch of your phone’s screen.


This app curates the top stories from a variety of reputable news sources, such as NBC News and Reuters. When SmartNews offers you trending stories from around the world, it does so in minimalistic writing that gets straight to the point. You’ll be able to optimize your news consumption with this fast, no-fluff app. Customization options give you the types of stories you’re most interested in, and the best part is that you can read them offline.


You don’t always have as much time as you want to fully browse through a news app. That’s why Quartz is texting you the news instead. The interface looks like a text message thread, and the app starts by giving you a sentence about a news story. You tell the app whether to elaborate with details or go to the next story. Instead of scanning headlines during your precious free time, just let Quartz do the work of finding the stories for you. It offers a useful blend of national, international, and feel-good news.


Instead of curating sources for you, Feedly lets you curate all your favorite news sources into one simple location. After you link all your favorites, like YouTube channels, magazines, and podcasts, Feedly lets you know when something has been updated. Instead of spending half your time floating from site to site to see what the new updates are, Feedly gives them all to you in one simple screen.

Appy GeekAppy Geek

If you’re obsessed with tech culture, then you should download Appy Geek stat. The format is heavily visual, giving you an extremely scannable screen full of icons and headlines that lead to the stories you want to read most. This interface works remarkably well on a large display like that offered by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which allows you to focus on each icon. Rely on its library of more than 1,500 news sources, or add your own favorite RSS feeds when you customize the app.

News republicNews Republic

After you download News Republic, you’ll start by customizing what kind of news you want to see, whether international politics or celebrity gossip. Once you start reading the latest headlines from around the globe, News Republic learns from your activities to further curate your perfect list of headlines. You can also follow your friends, see what they’re reading, and catch up on news stories that you may have missed.

Yahoo News DigestYahoo News Digest

Instead of opening the Yahoo News app and browsing the headlines, you can have Yahoo News Digest deliver a list of news stories (a digest) to you twice a day. It takes information from multiple sources to create a relevant story for your reading pleasure so that you’ll never miss out on everything you need to know about what’s going on. Yahoo uses both algorithms and humans to get you the best news you’ve ever had.

Linkedin PulseLinkedIn Pulse

When you need the latest news pertaining to your job and industry, you need LinkedIn Pulse. It notifies you of your industry’s latest news, tells you what your LinkedIn connections are reading, and even lets you know when a colleague makes the news. You’ll be the most knowledgeable person at your next meeting or networking event when you follow LinkedIn Pulse.


If the zombie apocalypse starts, someone comes up with a cure for cancer, or a natural disaster strikes, you’ll be the first to know. Don’t worry — you can also be the first to know when an adorable new kitten video shows up on YouTube.


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