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Finding a Lyft: Carpooling and Ridesharing Apps That Make Things Easier


Sometimes, you just need to drive. Public transportation won’t cut it and, besides, it seems like it’s never reliable or on-time. If you want to know what your alternatives are, then here are options that are used by thousands, even millions, of people every day.


Unlike taxis and other ridesharing services, ZipCar lets you drive the vehicle yourself. You search for a vehicle, hop in, and drive it to wherever you want to go. And, you can use it for a day of errands, a night out, or a weekend getaway.

If you do opt for this option, make sure you understand how the insurance works for this setup. According to a car accident lawyer at Sansone & Lauber, your risk of getting into an accident doesn’t go down just because you’re driving a rented car. In fact, it might go up if you’re not familiar with the vehicle.

Insurance through ZipCar is capped at $300,000 per incident, meaning your insurance should cover you for the rest. Check to make sure it does. Not all insurers offer this kind of coverage by default. You will want to ask about rental coverage, and specifically for ride-sharing and alternative services, like ZipCar.



This is one of the most popular options on the market. And, it’s one of the biggest names in the ridesharing space right now. Lyft allows riders to instantly and effortlessly connect with other drivers so that they can get to wherever they want to go. It’s sort of like a taxi service, but without the medallion or crazy driving.


Uber was the original ride-sharing app on the market. It’s a slightly classier version of Lyft that lets you choose a vehicle type, up to a “black car” to get around town in. They also offer carpool options, which many other apps do not.


This ridesharing service is another big name in the space and is basically a peer-to-peer carsharing and rental service. Like ZipCar, you get to rent cars for a day or longer. You don’t need to have other people drive you around. The app helps you find and unlock a vehicle of your choice. Good if you life in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, and Washington D.C.


This service is a great, affordable, alternative to taxis. It’s a ride app that connects you with drivers to help you get to wherever you want to go. Shared Rides, which is a discounted service offered within the SideCar app, lets you do carpooling. And, SideCar deliveries lets you combine yourself and package deliveries on the same route for a fast, and affordable “private courier” experience.


This app is backed by Enterprise, the major auto rental agency. It connects you with groups of people that have the same interests that you do. It’s only available to universities and corporations, but it’s a way for you to get rides from people that share your common interests.

Sean Crawford and his wife often joke that they live behind the wheel. What with the daily commute to work, taking the kids places and errands to run they seem to be on the road more often than they’re on the sofa! But with a New Year’s resolution and Apps at the ready, they’re changing all that…


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