The word out there is that soon there will no longer be a need for mobile storage because increasing numbers of people are now using the Cloud to store data. Instead of portable USB flash drives, all files can be uploaded to a server on the Cloud and then can be accessed no matter where you are. This gives businesses several key benefits and that’s why working in the Cloud is pure heaven.

Centralised Record Storage

Many companies have branches around the world with one home office responsible for keeping records. Human Resources is one department that typically keeps track of all employee data which always seemed to place a delay in the on-boarding process as records were emailed, faxed or sent by courier. Now there is no lag time because as each branch enters data, home office can immediately access any information and the new talent is immediately part of the team. To get an idea of why so many companies are converting their HR operations to a cloud based format, click here.

Cloud computing

No More Lost Storage Devices

For the past several years those little USB flash drives have been getting smaller and smaller. Everyone was amazed that they no longer had to buy rewriteable CDs to store files on and now even those tiny smart drives are becoming obsolete – all thanks to the Cloud. How often have you stored data on a tiny flash drive only to have misplaced it when getting ready to meet with a client? Now you only need internet access and a mobile device so you don’t need to worry about finding anything, except perhaps the URL or your password which may be hard to memorize if it is long enough and layered enough!

Easy Collaboration from Remote Locations

Another major benefit that makes the Cloud pure heaven is in having the ability to collaborate with anyone no matter where they are around the globe. This makes it easier to move quickly on projects without the need to travel back and forth or wait for delivery of data before you can move on with your part. Working in the Cloud has been a dream come true for teams that collaborate from remote locations. Administrators love the reduction in travel costs and having projects completed quicker. Team members look forward to bonuses that often accompany projects completed in advance of the target date.

From students collaborating on projects to multi-national corporations with a need to share data in real time, the Cloud is changing the way in which data is stored and shared. It is easier to get more done in shorter period of time and there isn’t a need to carry storage drives with you when attending meetings with clients. There are so many ways in which Cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate and that’s why working in the Cloud really is pure heaven. The only pitfall might be the country where your Cloud server is based. It is always best to work with a server here at home in the UK because government regulations provide stricter security measures. Working in a Cloud based environment really is a dream come true.


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