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Does a Future Exist for Mobile Apps or is the Trend Over


Out with the Old in with the New: Is There a Mobile Apps Future?

It may be hard for most of us to imagine a world without mobile apps. However, some experts suggest that this may be exactly the future we’re headed towards. Only a few years ago, businesses were urged to create desktop-first start-ups but now it’s far more favorable for companies to build a mobile application first and a website second. There’s no doubt that technology is ever-changing, but will it change so much that apps become obsolete? According to McKinsey mobile apps are big business. The worldwide management consulting firm says it estimates that app-related revenues will reach more than $70 billion by 2017. Considering that revenues hit approximately $25 billion back in 2013, it’s clear that app revenue is on the rise and not a decline. With these types of statistics it makes it hard to imagine that mobile apps could one day cease to exist. Furthermore, new mobile apps are still being released every day in the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. Additionally, app monetization and advertising networks, like Appnext, continue to be very successful in helping app developers make the most money from their applications. It’s easy to learn about mobile monetization with Appnext, which is what makes it such a great resource and service for app creators and advertisers who want to make the most of their business and target the appropriate audiences.

Knowing all of this, it may seem odd why some experts think that apps are not going to be around for a long time. However, what some experts believe, isn’t necessarily that mobile applications will disappear entirely. Rather the thought is that they will change from their current bulky block-like state and evolve into a more mobile search-friendly system where users will be able to access whatever mobile content they want instead of opening one app at a time.

Another issue with today’s apps, according to experts like former Googler and Facebooker Paul Adams, is that app icons take up prime home page real-estate on phone screens. “The idea of having a screen full of icons, representing independent apps, that need to be opened to experience them, is making less and less sense,” Adams wrote on Intercom. These icons make even less sense for smaller smart devices such as smartwatches, glasses and even jewelry. As tech changes, how apps display and function will also need to change to maintain a user-friendly appeal.

If the question is whether mobile apps are a fad, or the future? The answer is the future. Mobile apps are yesterday, today and tomorrow. Apps as we know them now will continue to be the future until a different and better alternative comes into existence. This could mean that apps may evolve in the future or it could mean that a completely different technology may take their place.

All that matters for the moment is that the popularity of mobile apps is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.


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