Many key industry players and analysts are bugged by the question of the future of online shopping. The one thing that is clear is that the industry is only going to expand. A key indicator of the imminent growth is the increasing investment in technological advancement. The industry is going to benefit greatly from an advancement of technology and new innovations.

Many online shopping giants have made significant investments to secure and dominate future online markets. A lot of money has been invested to facilitate better systems and methods of operations. The firms want better and cheaper methods of operations to enhance convenience. The consumers on the other hands keep demanding better quality of goods and services. They also want efficient shopping and timely deliveries.

In the future, consumers of online shopping shall be more vigilant about prices and price comparison websites will gain popularity. The consumers will likely shop smart to avoid impulse buying and shopping for things they do not need.

Various high-tech products and devices shall be adopted by online stores to make their operations better. Most of these products are anticipated to change how deliveries are sorted and done. Sorting and packing of products are likely to become fully automated using robotic systems.

Some of the futuristic technologies, such as delivery of products through drones and the development of driverless cars, have already been rolled out. What remains is refining the technology and applying it in the market. Delivery of products in the future is likely be exclusively done using drones for light goods and driverless vehicles for bulky and heavy goods.

Check out the following Infographic that has an interesting take on the future of online Shopping in the next decade. It is designed by Shop Smart (an online price comparison portal).

Future shopping


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