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The Alternative that Infor Is Becoming


Oracle and SAP are increasingly watching Infor as a real threat to their business, specifically for its enterprise software. For a long time, Infor stayed very much in the background, revamping everything to create something new and exciting. They have arrived at that point now, and it seems that Oracle and SAP are worried.

Infor Is an Alternative

Infor is different from everybody else, mainly because they do not focus on large vertical organizations. Rather, they go down to the level of business processes, incorporating very specific workflows. Hence, customers can make huge savings in terms of both time and money, particularly compared to Oracle and SAP.

One of the ways Infor achieved this was by moving onto Amazon Web Services for its cloud, as well as teaming up with EnterpriseDB and Red Hat. Charles Phillips CEO of Infor has explained how he has made his company different.


Modern Apps

Phillips used to work as President of Oracle, where he was famous for making acquisitions. Since joining Infor, he has applied these same strategies, acquiring various companies to facilitate creating an easy migration path and a user friendly, scalable, architecture and interface. What Info wanted to do above all else was ensure each individual client would have the industry features they actually needed, thereby avoiding the need for customization. Today, those customers are being migrated to the cloud, where a new world of possibilities has been opened up to them.

User Interfaces

Another important aspect that Infor has focused on is creating a new version user interface. The code name of this version was Gramercy Park, and the goal of it was to ensure the interface would be able to anticipate customer wants and needs, particularly in terms of prepopulating forms by the integration of contextual data. According to Phillips says that they want to get rid of old fashioned forms so that the user interface will be better able to anticipate need. Essentially, they want to ensure that there is a single situation or subject anchor, and that navigation revolves around that. An example, since Infor is focusing heavily on certain parts of health care, would be for a nurse to have an interface that focuses specifically on the tools available to them in the room they work in. Infor has prototyped apps around Gramercy Park, and they seem to be very pleased with the results.


Finally, the way Infor wants to battle Oracle and SAP is by drilling into their features, specific to certain industries. According to Phillips, the problem is that all other companies try to focus on huge verticals. Infor, by contrast, doesn’t. Rather than focusing on all of health care, for instance, they focus specifically on hospitals. Additionally, the regularly create demos to show potential clients what they could be provided with, something that companies like Oracle and SAP always avoid as well.

There is good reason why Infor is now the third largest company of its kind, and why it may soon take over the two only remaining competitors.


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