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How You Can Become an Engineer

TechnologyHow You Can Become an Engineer

If you have a creative mind and are looking at your career choices then being an engineer could be the path for you. Engineers are the creators of this World, the ones who design, plan and implement everything man-made that you see around you. The word engineer comes from the Latin, ingeniere (to devise) and ingenium (celverness,) the world of engineering is vast and varied and there are plenty of opportunities for those with creative brains to get involved.

Getting involved in engineering is more than just being a worker bee, it can open up a huge range of opportunities for you. Take Anura Leslie Perera as an example, a man who, once qualified, began his career in construction engineering before moving in to communications and later setting up an aerospace engineering firm, his career has gained him great success and wealth that has allowed him to get involved in philanthropy and business management. If this is something that you are considering then here is what you need to do in order to become an engineer.


When it comes to the education that you will need in order to become an engineer you should be focussing heavily on maths and science from high school level. At college you should be taking engineering courses, it is up to you which area of specialization that you take for your major but each area will focus a great deal on science and maths, these are the roots of engineering. If you don’t get into the best college then don’t worry, engineers get paid well regardless of which college they attended. Colleges like MIT can command higher wages and better jobs but an education here is not essential.


Engineer Style

You will need to decide which industry it is that you wish to go into, whether this is construction, aerospace, chemical or computer engineering, you will also need to decide which type of engineer you wish to be. The main roles that you can take are in the planning, analysis or management areas of engineering and it is important that you have a firm idea of where you want your career to take you before deciding. This will not only help you to get the right job for you, but will allow you to focus your efforts on your particular specialization.

Self Learning

Having regular side projects away from your education is vital to keeping your mind active and learning different areas of engineering. Whether it is stripping computers down and rebuilding them, creating small structures or working on engines, there are lots of ways that you can work on your engineering skills away from the classroom. It pays to seek as much help as possible, finding a mentor is a great way of learning your craft from someone experienced.

Never Stop Learning

Regardless of which area you have chosen to specialize in, you should never stop learning about other fields. The core skills of most form of engineering remain the same and you can transfer these skills across many industries. Technological advancements arrive at breakneck speed and if you want to be a great engineer then it is important that you stay on top of any changes in technology in your industry.


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