The life of a student is full of sleepless nights, positive memories and emotions, as well as a little bit of studying during free of fun time. However, in the process of education anyone can experience various difficulties, and it is much better to be prepared for such surprises in advance because it is not always possible to ask someone “do my essay“, as there are difficulties in other aspects of student life. How to combine studies and still have fun? How to keep up with this rush? Our age has many remarkable things that will help you to find answers to these questions – technologies, which can greatly simplify the life of a student in any educational institution. And here is a list of 5 applications for studies that will come in handy to all students in order to make their campus life easier and their studies more effective.

Ssmartphone apps

  1. MyScript Calculator

Probably from the title you already know what the purpose of this tool is, the main feature of MyScript is that user can enter all the formulas, fractions, and integrals not from the keyboard, but using special gestures. The app won first place among the best mobile study apps at CES 2013, and the best thing about it is that MyScript is free of charge, and with its help any student can solve complex math problems in just a few clicks.

  1. Scannable

Scannable is one of the most popular apps for students by Evernote. Perhaps it is the easiest, as it doesn’t have many settings, and at the same time, handy scanner; all you need to do is point the iPhone camera at the document and it automatically reads it, but if you need to scan a document, you will have to switch to manual mode.

Scannable lets you scan any kinds of documents: business cards (there is sync with LinkedIn), stickers, invoices or standard A4 documents; there is also the possibility to connect to the Scansnap and send the scanned documents into the scanner. Sounds great doesn’t it?

You no longer need to rewrite pages of text from books into a text editor because now, with the help of this application you will save a lot of time!

  1. Snapseed

This is a good free photo editor with variety of tools, ranging from crop and rotate photos, to color correction and filters; the app has a very user-friendly interface, allowing the two accounts to perform certain transactions using gestures. There are a lot of subtle settings in Snapseed, and the app saves the history of changes for each photo, but the key difference from competitors is the ability to edit certain parts of the frame without affecting the whole photo. This application is useful to students, both in school and everyday life. It will satisfy the need to create images for Power Point presentation or just in photo processing for social networks; in any case, it is worth to have it on your smartphone.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect program for storage of different content. It is perfect for keeping personal notes and saving interesting links for later, project management and so on; the application has a huge number of possibilities and will be useful not only in school and university, but also at the work.

The program had gained vast popularity in recent time and it can be downloaded for free from the embedded store of your gadget (no matter what OS you are using).



  1. Wikipanion

This is the most effective way of using Wikipedia. The application includes a convenient search, reading mode, and the transition from article to article; as a useful addition, you can add bookmarks, and not only on the article, but on its separate sections. Therefore, this app becomes particularly useful for students. After making the bookmark on the specific sections of articles, you will not have to re-read a bunch of unnecessary text.

You can also share the article link with your friends, save the image to your camera roll, or go to the map and see the place described in the article. Anyone who often uses Wiki on mobile, will love Wikipanion!



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