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Sleep Monitoring Technologies Have Taken Over the Bedroom


In a world full of modern gadgetry, why would anyone be interested in sleep monitoring? Even more so, why would anyone invest in products that are exclusively focused on such a feature? The simple answer is that sleep is one of the most valuable things a person can give to their bodies. Though we typically think of food, water, and air as the only true necessities, sleep deprivation can lead to severe mental and physical damage, and even death. Prolonged lack of quality sleep is a serious health issue that plagues a large part of the population regularly and hits everyone once in a while. So what is a person to do when days seem to go on forever, energy levels are low, the body begins to experience aches and pains and the signs are present that sleep is not going nearly as well as it should be?

Sleep monitoring

We used to have to go in for a sleep study at the first signs of sleep disruption, but now there are at home products that can assist you in determining the quantity and quality of sleep you are getting, and even provide simple treatments to improve sleep consistency for users. The Fit-bit: which is an apple product as well as many close competitors who have adapted similar technologies are worn on the wrist to monitor movement, heart rate, and activity every minute of every day. This device shows sleep patterns over time, provides useful information on how many times a person wakes during the night and how much movement is taking place. Though not an indication that a person is snoring, these sleep disruption patterns can be used to diagnose sleep problems. When frequent activity and low quality of sleep are indicated over a long period of time, a person should go in for a sleep study to determine the cause of the problems.

The Night shift sleep positioner is often the next step in ensuring a great night of sleep. For those who are seeing patterns of restlessness, or are having obvious snoring problems which may be caused by apneas, this device that is worn on the neck can provide simple correction to unwanted sleep positions that are the most likely to cause problems. Sleeping on one’s back is the most likely for problem sleepers, and a gentle vibration can disrupt sleep just enough to instigate a movement into a better sleep position. Using a night shift sleep positioner also provides feedback on how effective these corrections are for the wearer.

These two products, or others like them can be used together, along with the internet based reports each produces to gain a clear picture of what is going on with the body during the night when one is not able to be fully conscious of activity. The night shift sleep positioner and fit bit devices are small, easy to wear and have a huge online support community to assist in getting the most value for your investment.


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