Creating and selling apps is a huge deal these days, and someone who has a good idea and then produces it efficiently can make a good amount of money. However, there are a ton of details that go into things like programming and sales, and some of those details are better handled by experts in various forms.

Five categories of knowledge in particular that are good to know about when it comes to making apps include tracking metrics, the programming itself, understanding the various sales platforms, reviewing revenue types, and studying positive promotion of industry leaders. As you can see, a degree of specialization in each topic would definitely be helpful.

Tracking Metrics

Once an app goes live, how do you track the app metrics? How do you know what your sales figures are, how many downloads are happening, how much time people are spending on it, or what the update status is on various versions you’ve sent into a central service? That is some particularly dense information, but it’s also necessary to know on a practical level in order for you to keep tweaking your presentation to make sales goals.

The Programming Process

And the process of programming apps in the first place can feel a little esoteric. There are a number of different programming languages that are applicable. Some are text based, others are object-based, and yet others rely on graphically oriented templates available through various software packages. And, depending on who the intended target is, you have to adjust the programming with respect to variables like size of screen or touch-screen capabilities.

The Sales Platform

There are a few different major sales platforms for apps. The first two that come to mind are the App Store for OS X and iOS, and then the Android store for the other major operating system. The programming restrictions and regulations can be a bit different because of vetting styles within the core companies, so it’s important to have a clear goal regarding those details before you being the actual programming.

Revenue Types

When it comes to the details of selling apps, there are a few different revenue types to consider. First, there is the money you can charge to download the app in the first place. Then, there is the method of having ads on your app during use. You can also figure out how to add a subscription service to your concept. And finally, licensing your idea out can also provide an income stream.

Studying Positive Promotion

In order to have the most successful possible release, check out what the industry leaders are doing in terms of positive promotion. Are they more geared toward social sharing over web networks, or do they rely more on positive rating systems? Take notes, and add those techniques to your project.


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