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Technology to Use When You’re in Legal Trouble

TechnologyTechnology to Use When You're in Legal Trouble

Nobody really wants to contemplate the prospect of getting into trouble with the law or being sued but there are numerous reasons why you might find yourself in a spot of difficulty at some point.

If you do need to defend your position and contend with a legal issue there are several things you should do and you might also want to take advantage of technology to try and improve your position.

Here is a look at some tips on how to cope when you first encounter a problem, plus details on how to retain and gather evidence, an app for instant legal help and how to avoid a ‘document’ disaster.

Keep a clear head

If you find yourself embroiled in a dispute that is threatening to turn ugly and end up in court, the best tip to remember is that it is wise to keep control of your emotions and never admit you are at fault in the beginning.

Even if you are at fault or do not know your actual legal position, the best thing to do is talk with your attorney and run through all of your options, but definitely, don’t accept liability until you have had that contact with someone who knows better than you about where you stand.

Keep a copy of all documentation and consider the idea of downloading a call recorder app by Apalon Apps, so that you can keep a record of any calls on your smartphone.

This could come in useful at some stage if you can provide details about what was said but do remember to check the state laws about obtaining the right consent to record the conversations.

An app with a backup plan

Another app that could be useful to have on your phone is Ask a Lawyer, which is one of a few resources that could give you some useful pointers as to where you stand from a legal perspective.

It is fair to say that it is alway likely to be better to discuss your case in person with an attorney but at least you can get some instant free legal guidance while you are on the go.

All you have to do is create a profile and then chat online with a lawyer about your problem as well as getting help finding a lawyer in your area if you are looking for details of who to make an appointment with.

Keep your paperwork safe

It is increasingly likely that you might have been carrying out correspondence electronically rather than having paper documents to refer to.

Being paperless is a good thing in many respects but what you don’t want to do is run the risk of deleting a file that you might need to access as part of your legal case. This is why you need to have a good backup system in place to store a copy of all your digital files.

Tax disputes, commercial disputes, even an insurance claim, are all potential legal scenarios where you might need to refer to a document that is stored on your computer. Use a cloud back system like Dropbox or something similar so that you can keep important paperwork safe, even if your hard drive crashes and you lose everything on it.

If you do find yourself in legal trouble it could make a difference to the outcome if you make the most of the technology available.

Katherine Bryant has experience working with a legal team, mostly on workplace matters such as harassment. Her informative articles offer practical help and solutions.


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