Before businesses were clamoring to make profiles on social media platforms, and long before there were apps, scripts, and plugins available to automate the posting process, social media was nothing more than an idle way to pass the time. Take MySpace for example, one of the very first social media platforms created. Users were mostly made up of users still in school and working towards their online masters in business administration, gamers, part-time web developers, and a whole lot of teenagers. The website still exists, but it is mainly used by diehard fans and budding musicians. Not only did many graduates of the New Jersey Institute of Technology once have their very own MySpace pages, but they have also gone on to expand to even more social networks.

1. Social Media Depends on Technology Advances

Have you ever noticed that Facebook constantly updates its features and algorithms, seemingly anticipating your complaints and preferences? That is because there are a lot of other social networks that are doing similar things, and no social network wants to be the last one to hop on the latest craze. Without technology, social media would just be another online photo gallery or messaging website.

2. Breakthroughs in Technology are Often Shared on Social Media First

From announcing technology conferences and awards to new gadgets, you can find news of technology innovations on almost every social network feed. News on social networking platforms is nearly instantaneous, and the ability to share makes it more convenient for members of the technology field to stay in the know. Rather than reading online newspapers, news outlets are actually uploading breakthrough stories on social networks so that users can find their information and they are credited as the originators of their news bites.

3. It Provides the Perfect Platform for Intellectual Debate

With social networks, it really doesn’t matter what side of the fence you sit on as you can quickly find others who share your feelings. As long as you can construct a message and support your argument, social networking always welcomes friendly intellectual debates. These kinds of conversations just can’t be carried out in the same manner between two individual parties in the technology field.

4. New Talent Sourcing Possibilities

A lot of talented people in the technology field didn’t originally plan to get into coding, or backend development, or tech fields. Instead, playing on their computers was just seen as a fun way to spend time and perhaps make a few new friends. There’s a lot of raw talent looming behind the computer screen, and social media is one of the best ways that MBA program online graduates can connect with these budding geniuses to convince them to work with their companies.

As programmers are not going to stop tweaking social network platforms and members of the field are certainly not going to stop using them, this pairing just makes sense. From sharing your resume to finding local technology based seminars, there’s no easier tool for technology experts to master than social networks. The best part is that having so many technology experts all in the same place ensures that new bugs are identified and sorted out quicker.


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