We are living in a time where communication has been made easy with people staying far and wide. Smartphone is the new ‘BIG’ thing. Everyone has it or everyone wants it. Bringing up kids today is a herculean task, and a teen at that, is an added effort. As parents we are always worried what our teen kids are up to. We mostly find them with their phones in their hands. Various questions arise in our minds. What kind of company are they keeping? Whom are they texting or conversing with?


We parents cannot be forever present with our kids due to our work pressures, or our kids’ privacy issues. So we are always worrying about them. Answer to these worries comes in the form of Android spy apps that can be installed in your kid’s smart phones. This has many features that can put a worried parent at rest. (read more about at: https://www.mspy.com/android-spy.html)

Know who they are conversing or texting with

We find our child always on the Smartphone, chatting, texting or conversing with their friends, telling them all about their lives, big or small. These Android spy apps help us parents to know whom they are conversing and also what they are conversing or texting. This software’s provide with the complete history of their phones which helps us monitor their movements.

Contacts can be kept in check

Android spy apps provide us with the complete contact lists on our child’s Smartphone. We can know who are his friends and if he is in touch with any unwanted people or delinquents of any kind. We can also block or delete such contacts.

Keeo a check on their IM chats

Many of these Cell phone spy apps provide an access into your child’s Facebook, whatSapp, Snapchat, etc. so that we can view what they are talking about and also with whom. Now you don’t need a hacker to know what your child is up to.

Tracking GPS location

This software’s help in effective tracking of locations, current and previously used routes. This helps us parents to keep a knowhow about of their favourite hangouts and usual places of visits.

Know their surfing habits

Internet is filled with the good, the bad and the ugly. What our teenaged children are watching on the internet keeps most parents awake at nights. Android spy apps give an easy access into their internet browsing history and help us keep a tab on their internet viewing.

Photo gallery can be monitored

Pictures are a part of young adult life. Loads and loads of pictures, videos, and multimedia are stored on their phones. We can keep a track of the photos and stuff and know if anything inappropriate is underway.

Life of our kids is more complex than the life we know. Peer pressures, society, the need to keep up makes it a dangerous place to live in. Android spy apps have come as a boon for us parents.


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