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Super Mario Run beats WhatsApp as the most downloaded application of the week


Super Mario Run has been a success (in number of downloads) although the revenues do not go even.

Succeeding with an application is something really complicated. Getting a large number of downloads may or may not go along with such success, but they usually go hand in hand. And to find out, just go to the Google Play Store: Android store maintains a ranking with the most popular applications in which, as you can imagine, there is an absolute dominator: WhatsApp. Until now.

The arrival of Super Mario Run has been an apotheosis. Everyone was looking forward to this game of Nintendo and the reaction was simple: go to the Google Play Store to download. Comparing the rankings by countries all agree: the plumber has been made with the scepter of power in the latest ranking by number of downloads. Not so much for positive ratings.

How many of those millions of downloads will be uninstalled within two days?

Probably almost all of them. That, even though Super Mario Run brings more game than it seems, even without entering the € 9.99 credit: it is a title that offers hours of entertainment only to complete 100% of the first 4 levels. It is true that it can become monotonous and that the game system is not revolutionary but, as a whole, Nintendo has achieved an application that overflows quality and distinction. Although not enough for those who download the game bet (and pay) for it.


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