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How We are Using Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Lives

TechnologyHow We are Using Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Lives

Every time someone mentions Artificial intelligence or AI, we cannot help but think of Skynet, cybernetic organisms, and everything else that the science fiction novels, shows, and movies have taught us over the years. While we all have at least a vague idea that AI is already being implemented in our daily lives on a regular basis, we are seldom aware of its existence all around us. It is true that Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri continues to be the most dominant AI force in our conscious lives, but there’s more to machine learning than just AI assistants. So without further ado, let’s now take a look at some of the applications of artificial intelligence as it is in practice today.

AI Assistants

Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first and yes, we are talking about the likes of Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. It is now possible to set reminders, make phone calls, add, delete or inquire about your own schedules, seek suggestions, and so much more from your phone or laptop by simply interacting with your resident voice assistant. Powered by complex algorithms and the ability to learn by experience, they have now become an inseparable part of our daily lives. As these programs continue to learn with the help of the practically endless pool of information that they have access to, and the developers continue to add updates to them, their evolutionary possibilities are endless.

Voice Dictation

It is correct that even the AI assistants like Cortana can help with a bit of dictation every now and then, but when it comes to enterprise level productivity and efficiency, there’s nothing that can replace an intelligent voice dictation software. Even as an independent professional, a quality voice dictation program offers an immense boost in productivity, efficiency, and time-saving. With their ability to accurately predict, correct, and learn your dictation patterns, intelligent dictation software is fast becoming a standard for professionals and companies around the world.

Smart Car

They may not be as abundant as smartphones are today, but smart cars are slowly inching their way towards our daily lives as well. The Google Waymo and Tesla’s Autopilot are the most prominent examples that we often read about, but the fact is that almost every major car manufacturer has a developing project in the self-driving vehicle sector. In fact, at this moment, it’s hard to tell who will be the first company to bring automated cars into the market. From the demos that Google and others have showcased so far, the AI algorithms have almost perfected their driving skills to a point where it may rival or even surpass the on-road capabilities of a human driver.

Fraud and Spam Detection

Banks, email services, and other high-security institutions use advanced AI programs to monitor and detect fraudulent activities. If an employed system detects suspicious activity in a specific account, it is designed to inform the concerned parties about it and may even temporarily block access to the account to ensure security. If you are wondering how they detect such criminal attempts, they do so with the help of machine learning. That learning occurs when the system is fed with previous examples of cyber-crime, fraudulent activities, and authentic transactions to reference, as necessary. These programs have pretty much become the standard for securing financial transaction today. Similarly, each time you receive a spam email and it’s sent to the spam folder by default, the AI algorithm is at work, trying to protect you against unwanted spam and suspicious emails.

Video Games

It is so easy to overlook this but no other form of artificial intelligence has a face as prominent as that of the ones used in video games. While they are nothing new and have been in existence for decades now, the recent boost to machine learning has produced some truly astonishing results in the video game sector. Do you remember those enemy soldiers who actually look for you once they become aware of your existence? That’s a tremendous feat in terms of AI enhancement. The enemies in modern games like Dark Souls actually learn your character’s fighting patterns and tendencies and adapt accordingly to develop intelligent counter-attacking strategies of their own, displaying a surprising capability of complex adaptability.

There are, of course, other forms of AI incorporations like purchase prediction in retail software (Amazon, for example), customer care and much more all around us and it will continue to grow in number as we progress further into the future. There is a lot of debate regarding the moral aspects and the long-term implications of the ever advancing AI, but the truth is, it’s inevitable and a part of modern evolution.


  1. The difference between intelligence and the capabilities of robots and computers with respect to the human mind is getting smaller, even surpassing us in some aspects, which can be worrisome.

    The machines and systems of artificial intelligence lack two very important things: feelings and ethics, reason why they are not able to distinguish correctly between the good and the evil, since its behavior depends on programming and not of the rationality, reason why, In case of any failure, could damage the rest.

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