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Mobile phone without battery exists and works

TechnologyMobile phone without battery exists and works

Having a phone without a battery, which does not need to be charged at all, seems more like a fantasy than a reality. But a group of engineers from the University of Washington have made it happen.

Batteries are one of the major problems to be solved by today’s mobile phones. The move to smartphones has meant that we have to charge the phone once a day, or two days if we are very optimistic. And advances such as fast charging or wireless charging help to alleviate this problem, but they do not solve it.

But that does not stop us from dreaming of a world without this problem. A world in which we do not have to worry about charging the phone, that the battery lasts an awful lot. Or even do not have a battery, and take advantage of the elements around you to recover energy. And some engineers have achieved the latter, a phone without a battery that runs on the energy of the environment.

According to researchers from the University of Washington, they have managed to create a phone that does not use any battery to function. Instead of using stored energy in a battery, it collects the energy it needs from the environment. To be exact, it uses both light and radio signals that reach the device. And it worked by making calls via Skype.

Part of this system resides in a phone that does not consume much energy. No smartphones at the moment. By requiring so little energy you are able to get all you need from those sources. You do not even need to store this energy in a battery for later use. It uses the energy it receives at the moment, it does not go through any type of storage for later use.

They do not dare to give exact dates, but the responsible team claims that it is working on improving the coverage of the device. They are even thinking of transmitting video with this system and playing it on electronic ink screens.


    • This is only a prototype.
      Probably they will not have anything to sell in a decade or more.

      By the way, your smartphone is so slow …
      Maybe you should buy a quicker one.


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