It is not the first time that Elon Musk comes out to speak, and demand, that we must prepare ourselves before the arrival of the artificial intelligence. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been one of the most active entrepreneurs on this topic mentioned that AI can bring with it “doomsday”. Even this year he published an open letter with 23 principles so that artificial intelligence does not turn against us, this as part of Future of Life, the association that defends responsible development of artificial intelligence.

During the weekend Elon Musk participated in the National Governors Association, a conference where US governors meet in the United States. During his talk he focused on demanding a regulation of the use of artificial intelligence, something that should be done as soon as possible and not when it is too late.

People should be concerned about the advent of artificial intelligence. Musk was clear once again and on this occasion took advantage of the impact of the event on the media to expose the leaders of each of the states of the country the danger that can mean the presence of artificial intelligence, without control and clear laws.

It is a fundamental risk for the existence of our civilization. Musk asks us to be proactive as soon as possible regarding regulations that make clear the use of AI, because in this case we can not wait and be reactive because it could be too late.

Musk mentioned that he will continue to raise the alert voice on this issue and added until there are robots killing people will not know how to react, because what they see as something ethereal, something that simply could not happen.

Along with Musk are other personalities who seek to curb the development of artificial intelligence and have tools that can guarantee the survival of the human race. Here we can find Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates or François Chollet, creator of the neural network Keras, who agreed with Musk’s comments and added that today the biggest threat we face is an artificial intelligence that operates a bot army to take control of the population through messages and propaganda. Or Google’s David Ha, who fears that AI is used to mask unethical human activities.


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