Russia is not the place you should go if you are seeking privacy and respect for your rights. Vladimir Putin’s government continues to work to have more control over its citizens, and now they have just passed a law banning VPNs and other technologies that allow anonymous connection.

This law, signed this morning by Vladimir Putin himself, will enter into force on 1 November. This is a very hard blow to Internet freedom. This adds to the news we met this weekend, with Apple eliminating the main VPN applications of the Chinese App Store.

Another hard blow for freedom on the Internet.

Leonid Levin, director of the information policy committee of the Duma, said that this new law is not intended to impose restrictions on those citizens who “respect the law”, but  seeks to block access to “illegal content.”

Obviously, what the Russian Government understands by “illegal content” is highly debatable. During his third term as president, Putin has shown he is wanting to exercise more control over what people can and can not post on the Internet.

This is in addition to other controversial laws, such as the one passed in 2015 that requires all data generated by Russian citizens to be stored on servers in the country, or the one passed last year that forces operators to retain all traffic for a year.


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