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Google closes paid YouTube channels

As part of the restructuring of the monetization model on YouTube, Google has decided to eliminate the paid channels introduced by 2013, where its owners could host content for which users had to pay an agreed price to access them. It is not clear now the strategy of YouTube with Red and the modalities of platform subscriptions, at a time in which changes in monetization models are highly criticized by Youtubers.

It will not be until December 1 when we see a change in these payment channels, whose videos within that mode of monetization will become private videos and will no longer be accessible, although the company has confirmed that it will give all YouTubers and channels the option to make these videos public so that all users, whether or not paid by them, can see them.

The YouTube-terminated model was based on a similar one to Twitch: it allowed users to see a series of paid content for $ 4.99 per month, which went directly to their favorite stars as well as some additional tools such as emojis and other benefits.

Now, as Google decides how it will fit into the company’s subscription modes, the monetization method YouTube will use will be advertising revenue, classic Partners, and branding campaigns.

Meanwhile, video and age rating systems continue to wreak havoc on the most contentious YouTubers accounts.

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