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The Proterra electric bus travels more than 1,100 miles with a battery charge

The electric bus developed by US company Proterra, Catalyst E2, with 12 meters and capacity for 40 passengers, completed this month a circuit of 1,101 miles in circuit with a single charge of battery. The battery, with 660 kWh of capacity, is the same used in previous prototypes with which the bus achieved something less than 600 miles of autonomy thanks to a more efficient propulsion system. In this way the E2 becomes the electric vehicle with greater autonomy.

Although the practical real-world autonomy of E2, whose first units are scheduled to enter service the year through 2018, will be much lower, and its cost is much higher than that of a conventional diesel-powered bus, according to Proterra its electric bus has many less maintenance costs: it does not consume oil, it is mechanically simpler, without gearbox and consumes the equivalent of 10 liters per 100 km traveled, about a third or a quarter less than one of diesel.

All this means savings over the life of the vehicle, not to mention that it is a silent transport system and does not emit polluting gases or particles directly – when circulating in cities, for example.

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