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Learning revolution

TechnologyLearning revolution

Learning has been revolutionized


Technology has had a major impact on every aspect of life, and that includes education and the way we learn things. The internet has provided easy access to education and it is no longer restricted to the classroom. Since the launch of online courses from traditional colleges, those wishing to further their careers can do so from the comfort of their own home.
In the past if you wanted to learn a new skill or get a qualification you would have to go and register at a brick and mortar school, pay the required fees and physically attend each class to pass. That was until the online learning revolution began!

Today there is no excuse for failure, if you are willing to work hard success is inevitable. The internet is replete with how to information, whether you want to learn a new language, learn how to cook, learn how to knit, learn how to do hair and makeup, you name it…. it’s available. The good thing is that there are a large number of instructional videos created by professionals with years of experience in their field making your learning experience even more credible. TED curator Chris Anderson believes that online videos are going to be the greatest learning cycle of all time. If you are interested in learning something new and you are not sure where to start, here is a list of really good websites that you can assist you.


YouTube is the go to website for everything! It is the most popular site for instructional videos. It was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, the site was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion dollars! Users are allowed to upload, comment on videos, share, rate and view videos.

There are no restrictions as to who can upload videos on YouTube; the only requirement is that users are over the age of 18. This means that some information is going to be more authoritative than others. The easiest way to get around this is through the following:

  • Number of subscribers: There are people who post random videos and there are people who take what they do seriously. YouTube has got a revenue share program which enables users to make money from their videos. This means that the better the videos and the more subscribers they have the more they make. It is always best to follow the instructions from someone with a high number of subscribers.
  • Video Quality: Effective marketing is the only way to expand your business. YouTube is a great way to expose yourself to a large audience. A bad quality video, with limited to no editing, bad sound etc is an indication that the individual might just be making videos for fun and not really taking themselves seriously. If you are interested in gaining quality information you might want to continue with your search if you come across such videos.
  • Comments: You can get an idea about the quality of the video content from the comments made by users. Don’t pay any attention to one or two negative comments, because you can’t please everyone. However, if the majority are bad, you may want to move onto the next.


Udemy is a worldwide e-learning marketplace for professional instructors and students. The type of courses you can expect to have access to include:

  • Speed reading and memory boosting
  • NLP practioner certificate
  • Digital marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Web developer
  • Yoga
  • Marathon training

The list is endless; there are courses available in almost every category imaginable. Basic courses are free; the more advanced the qualifications of the instructor, the more you will have to pay.


With over 45 million learners globally, codeacademy is quickly becoming one of the most successful learning resources in the world. So it looks like geeks are not the only ones who know how to code! The IT industry is continuously scouting for the best developers and programmers. If you are thinking about changing professions or getting into one and you are interested in coding you have a great opportunity to learn how to write codes in Ruby, jQuery, Pytjon and Java to name a few. The site has a large community of qualified instructors and students so that you have access to learning in a collaborative environment. The fantastic thing about codeacademy is that it’s free; you don’t have to pay a cent!


More people than ever are learning how to speak a second language as a result of apps and online courses. According to the LingQ website, a staggering 207,660,039 words have been learned by students on the site. There are 18 different languages for you to choose from including Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian and much more. You can engage in basic learning for free, or you pay $10 per month for a premium service, or $39 per month for a premium plus service.


If you are a DIY fan, you are going to love instructables, this site is not as formal as the rest, it’s basically a community of people who post step by step instructions on how to cook, make things such as crafts, costumes and things for the home, how to build gadgets and much more. There are some really amazing projects on this site; there is something available for everyone.


If you want to learn how to do just about anything, you might want to check out fabhow. It has some really useful and practical information on a wide variety of topics from skin care, to productivity tips, hair care, how to clean your home and much more.

Final Thought

If I was to try and list all of the sites that provide online learning I would be on my way to writing a very large book! The internet is jam packed with some really fantastic information and I haven’t even scratched the surface with this article. Why not take full advantage of this online learning revolution and master some new skills.


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