Video demonstrates how Lockheed Martin’s anti-drone lasers work

It seems that Lockheed Martin engineers are determined to build the military weapons of the future, and have no problem experimenting with new defense and combat technologies. A perfect example of this is its new anti-drone laser.

Through a video posted on its official YouTube channel, the firm specializing in the development of weapons and military products, has shown the operation of its impressive ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) laser, a light gun with 30-kilowatt , capable of knocking down drones with an exceptional aim.

As can be seen in the audio-visual, ATHENA is able to track and shoot its beam against conventional long-range drones commonly used for military purposes, knocking down its target in each of the tests.

The aim of the device is striking, where it is enough to shoot the fin or the rear stabilizer to direct the threat to the ground. The evidence collected was conducted in conjunction with the United States Army.

What is surprising here is that, despite its great performance, it is actually still a prototype, so they will follow firing tests before bringing the final product to production.


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