The latest features with the new iPhone have lots of people excited. However, there are many others that don’t even know the half of what they are missing. Many times people don’t make the effort of exploring all of the many technological things that they are capable of when they purchase a phone. Apple developers have been working hard to add some of the most exciting features yet.

Rather than just letting all of the latest features and exciting tricks slip you by, take some time to look at what you can do with your phone and how you can take advantage of all of the great features. Here are some of the coolest new features that you may not have heard about yet

Screen Recording

Your iPhone can now record anything that you are doing on your phone. This is great for people that are a fan of tutorials. It also comes in handy when you are trying to make creative videos for social media.

All you have to do is start recording, complete the action that you want to record, and your video will automatically be saved to your photo and videos in your phone. This seamless and exciting process has made it possible to share things that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do before the latest update.

Customizable Control Center

Once upon a time, the iPhone was only able to have a control center which was predetermined by its general setting. It wasn’t customizable and you had to accept that whatever was there was what you got.

Now you have the option of adding whatever quick controls you want to the swipe up menu in the control center. You can choose a quick selfie option, screen recording, calculator, or even create a note.

Text Message Animations

Sending texts has never been more fun. Now you can send text messages with customizable animated texts and screen graphics. From the echo option which sends a message in multiple talk bubbles, to a fireworks effect which sends the receiver a fireworks display upon opening the text, to an inflatable red heart which appears above the text message.

In addition to these animations, there are also GIFS and stickers which can add to the expression of what you want to say in your message. This isn’t just fun for kids but adults as well.

Customizable Screen Shots

Now when you take a screenshot you can not only crop it on the spot before saving it to photos, but you can also add text and draw. This makes screenshotting even easier and more creative. Make sure to try out this feature next time you want to save an image you come across on the internet.


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