In most action movies, you often see people carrying guns without a holster. While this might seem pretty easy, this is quite impractical and very dangerous. Carrying a gun holster along with your weapon is really important and makes sure that your safety isn’t compromised.

Recently, the gun holster has become a popular addition particularly for those who carry guns. A friend of mine wrote an article on 1911 holster and ranked the best 1911 holsters in the market. Not only do the holders let you keep the gun easily, but they also help to extend the life of the gun. Mentioned below are some more reasons because of which you must carry a gun holster.

1.- It keeps the gun stable

Keeping a gun in the pants without any holster sags the pants and doesn’t keep the gun too stable as well. In fact, your gun might just slip down your leg if you don’t use a holster. On the other hand, when using a holster, the gun stays stable and at the same place so that you can easily pull it out without it being in the wrong direction or without it slipping away.

2.- It prevents constant unloading and loading

Unloading and loading the gun is quite dangerous, which is why you need to be very careful. A general rule of thumb is that the lesser time you have to load and unload your gun, the safer it will be for you. By using the holster, you can lower the number of times you would have to unload and load the gun. After your day is over, you can easily take out the holster with the loaded gun and keep it in a secure place.

3.- It helps to conceal the gun

Generally, the holsters put another layer of bulk to the carry setup you have concealed underneath your clothes. However, the bulkiness of the holster is compensated by the shape deformation. A holster is shaped such that it breaks the lines of the gun and makes it look similar to a cell phone. Moreover, with the holster, you can also elevate the height at which the gun sits on the hip. As a result, even if your shirt rides up a bit, your weapon stays concealed. In such an event, you won’t expose your gun; instead, only the clip of your 1911 holster will be visible.

4.- It provides comfort

It is a known fact that carrying a gun brings along physical discomfort. Holsters do a great job at making the gun a little more comfortable for carrying. Some of the 1911 holsters are designed in such a way that it distributes the weight of the gun over a greater area. Moreover, the holster also acts as a barrier between the gun and the body because of which you won’t have to feel the metal rubbing up against the skin.

Choosing the right holster

Today, holsters are made using many materials and are available in various shape. It is crucial that you choose a holster that suits all your needs so that you enjoy maximum comfort and safety while carrying your chosen firearm.


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