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How to get Spotify premium for free?

TechnologyHow to get Spotify premium for free?

Here comes good news for the music lovers! For those who are not aware of what Spotify is, it’s an app that let’s one enjoy access to millions of songs for a particular amount of subscription price. The premium version of this app lets the user enjoy unlimited songs anywhere and anytime they like for only $0.99 per month for the first three months and later for $9.99/month. And did you know there is a hack to get Spotify premium for free? Here is how to do it.

Install the app
To have the features that Spotify premium has to offer, such as unlimited music streaming, creating own music library, free download, anytime social share, etc., the first thing that you need to do is download the app in your device and sign up for your account. While signing in, select the ‘Try Premium’ option which shows $9.99 per month. Once you enter your zip code, you will be directed to choose your payment method and credit card information.

Make sure to pay zero dollars, which will automatically make you subscribed to Spotify premium and your subscription renewal will be scheduled for a month where you have to pay $9.99, which you, of course, do not wish to do. So, continue to the next step, which will be canceling your subscription.

Cancel the subscription
Once you become subscribed to Spotify premium, the next step will be canceling the subscription. If you’re wondering, why? Well, then to put it in simpler words, it’s the most crucial step for enjoying Spotify premium for free. Because unless you cancel the subscription, it will make you deal with the troubles of auto-renewal which negates the whole point of this activity. So, again ‘Log in’ to your Spotify account and click on your name that will be there in the upper right section of the page. Once the page with ‘Your Account’ heading comes, select the ‘Subscription’ option from there and simply select ‘cancel your subscription’ at the bottom of the very page. Select any of the reasons given there to unsubscribe from the Spotify premium.

Don’t be worried, even after canceling your subscription, if you do want to continue your subscription again in future, you can again opt for ‘subscribe.’

Enjoy the free premium trial
Once the Spotify premium subscription is canceled successfully, you will get a confirmation message which will inform you about the date on which your subscription will end. And as a result, you will be able to enjoy the Spotify premium for the remaining days of the 30days, without having to pay anything at all.

Offering video streaming, podcasting and easy access to hundreds of thousands of songs since 2008, it’s a virtual place where artists from all over the world can easily connect with other through sharing music and videos. And you can get it all for free. Read more about it on websites like SampleStuff.com.

So, rekindle the music lover in you with Spotify Premium for free!


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