We live in the age of information and technology. The way we conduct business and live our daily lives has changed drastically over the past few decades, which has resulted in all kinds of new trends that most would have never predicted. If you consider yourself a pretty serious video gamer, why not take that love and passion you have for games and use it to create something unique for you and your friends.

Why not create a group page for you and your buddies that allows you to show off all your biggest gaming accomplishments, share ideas, tips, and questions? Here’s how you can make that happen.

Build Your Own Webpage

When you hear the words “build your own webpage”, there’s a good chance your eyes start to glaze over. Let’s face it unless you have formal training in webpage development and creation, this can seem pretty unrealistic. That’s where groupspaces.com can come in handy. What Groupspaces does is make it possible for anyone to create their own webpage.

The idea behind it is that you can build a website for like-minded people who share your same interests. In this case, it would be your group of gaming friends. Because you can choose the homepage and build a theme, you can really give it a fun and unique feeling. You’ll be able to send invites to your friends, allowing you to keep it private if you choose.

Once the site is up and running, you’ll be able to share all the latest tricks and tips that allow your friends to succeed in their favorite games, share screenshots with each other, comment on the page, and even leave tips about where to find the latest games both online, such as Arcade Lots, and on which platform(s).

The Ability to Involve into Something More

When you use a professional tool such as Groupspaces you also leave the door open to the site evolving and becoming more in the future if you choose. You can start to do things such as setting up an email list, create newsletters, host forums and email discussion, organized events, and more. Because Groupspaces is powerful enough to handle groups for businesses and companies, your video game-based webpage really has no limits.

What to Include on the Page

As you work to build your webpage there are a few things you will likely want to include. Even if these are your friends you are inviting, you still need to capture and keep their interest. First off, there is no need for your life story. Remember, this page is all about gaming so it’s important to keep it that way. Next, you want to be sure that the webpage isn’t overlooked, so that means you need to put thought into the appearance of it. Pictures, links, and videos are always wise to include. The last tip is that it needs a logo, catchphrase, or something that sets the tone. Sure, it’s not a business-based webpage, but you still want to make the message and purpose of the site clear to visitors.

Creating your own website devoted to your love of video games is certainly one way to pay homage to it.


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