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Haven is the Edward Snowden app that turns our smartphone into a complete surveillance system


The person responsible for the leaks with which we discovered the terrifying spy and mass monitoring systems of the NSA and other intelligence agencies has been working on solutions that help protect us from possible violations of our privacy.

His latest development is Haven, an Open Source mobile application for Android devices that allows users to “protect their personal spaces and their possessions without compromising their own privacy.” This development uses all the sensors of our smartphones to monitor our environment when we need it and alerts us to everything that happens in a secure and encrypted way.

You only need an Android smartphone

The project has been developed as part of the collaboration between the Freedom of Free Press Foundation and the Guardian Project, and the idea is to take advantage of an old Android-based mobile so that it acts as the center of that surveillance of our environment.

When activating the tool, the device makes use of the sensors of the mobile to detect possible intrusions and that threat that some have baptized as the “evil maid”. Discovering if someone accesses our personal space and gains access to our devices is precisely the goal of Haven.

To do this Haven uses the accelerometer to enable the movement and vibration of the mobile phone, the camera (both front and rear), which captures if there are objects moving, the microphone, which captures if there is noise, the brightness sensor for changes in the ambient light, and also the current sensor that reveals if the mobile has been disconnected or is losing battery.

In the configuration of the app we can establish which sensors we want to use and with what sensitivity. In addition we can configure a phone number so that notifications and alerts are sent to that number by mobile line, or we can configure the secure messaging client Signal to use it in conjunction with our mobile and send notifications through that tool.

The Open Source app has its code published on GitHub, and can be installed through both Google Play and F-Droid. The development is still in beta, but poses an interesting alternative to those who suspect that someone is doing something that should not in their personal spaces or simply want to monitor those spaces.


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