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The planes without a pilot are the future, but nobody wants to fly in one of them


Autonomous cars are increasingly part of reality and the efforts of many companies to innovate in technology have helped unmanned cars become something achievable. However, if instead of vehicles we talk about airplanes, things change. The fact of flying at ten thousand feet without anyone in charge is something unimaginable for many people, who would not leave their lives in the hands of technology.

This is confirmed by a study by the Swiss bank UBS, in which they interviewed 8,000 people, of whom more than half said they would not fly on a plane without a pilot, even if it was cheaper.

In total, only 17% would be willing to fly in a plane of such conditions, while that number increases in people from 25 to 34 years, of which 31% would be able to prove the experience.

Despite the widespread fear of most of the respondents, the UBS study argues that these technological changes would make the flight safer and avoid the human errors that pilots can have in the cabin. Some companies have already developed the necessary technology and are testing the new unmanned aircraft. Cargo flights will be the first to use this new method of flight, followed by business planes, helicopters and finally commercial flights, presages the study.

The adoption of the planes without a pilot would not only be a great innovation for the industry, but also a way to save 30,000 million dollars a year. The reduction of costs in replacing the pilots and their training and the fuel gains would be the main deductions of the companies and, in addition, passengers could take advantage. If the costs per flight are reduced, the same could happen with the rates as long as no additional costs are applied for the technology that allows the aircraft to fly without a pilot.

Despite the advantages, there is still much to be done so that this type of aircraft becomes our new form of air transport. First, the technology that would allow an airplane to operate completely alone still has to be tested and regulated. On the other hand, the fact that the pilots are removed from their posts would involve strong opposition from the workers’ unions, which would be dismissed if this technology were to be approved and used.


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