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Roomba vacuums will soon offer WiFi coverage maps in its application


The mobile application of Roomba vacuum cleaners will have an experimental feature at the end of this month, within the Beta Program that will be launched in the United States this coming January 23. In this application, users will be informed about WiFi coverage in their homes.

To do this, the vacuum cleaners will record the WiFi signals while they are cleaning each corner to make a map of total WiFi coverage of the entire home, simply making measurements of the different points of the home and then graphically highlight those areas where better the signals arrive in front of those where there are dead spots by a slight gradient and some indications on the screen.

This could help users, if they are thinking of planning the installation of WiFi signal extenders in different parts of their homes, in order to offer better coverage throughout their home. The Wi-Fi coverage map will be available along with the cleaning coverage map, allowing users to alternate between them at every opportunity they wish.

At the moment, this feature has already been tested by a small group of users, according to TechCrunch, but is currently available through an optional beta program existing in the application to reach a larger number of people, until it can finally be in the new Beta Program, as we pointed out earlier.


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