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Top ways to use Google analytics to help your SEO


Measuring the success of search engine optimisation strategies is just as important as applying them in the first place. If you don’t know how well your tactics are performing, then you won’t know what to focus on and what to discontinue.

In the interests of minimising the waste of time and resources, measurement tools like Google Analytics should be taken advantage of. Google Analytics has plenty of features that can be confusing to understand at first, and can be even more confusing when trying to rationalise them with optimisation tactics.

The following will explain for you some of the most important data that Google Analytics provides in relation to measuring and improving SEO outcomes.

Organic searches

This is one of the first things you’ll want to measure when determining the success of optimisation strategies. It lets you know how effective your tactics have been in getting your website ranked highly.

This data is reached by navigating to the “Channel Grouping” report. The report is accessed by clicking on “Acquisition” then “All Traffic” and then on “Channels”. It will then display the sources of web traffic that is segmented by their channel.

Information here can be used to find out which landing pages are most successful, which keywords are generating the most clicks and the pages that users are leaving your site from among many other data sets.

Finding slow loading pages

One of the most overlooked, but critically important elements of SEO is the optimisation of page loading times. This technical factor is a crucial part of the user experience of a webpage and is subsequently an important ranking factor for Google.

Google Analytics can help you identify the slow loading pages on your website and how they are affecting user experience.

This data can be seen by navigating through “Behaviour” to “Site Speed” and then to “Page Timings”. The columns can then be arranged to list pages based on the average loading speed versus the percentage of users who exit the site from those pages.

Mobile performance

Having a mobile optimised website is one of the most important and recent developments in optimisation strategy. More and more users are navigating to webpages via their smartphones so it’s important to get a grasp of this data.

The amount of mobile based traffic to your website can be viewed by going to your “Mobile Traffic Report”. This is done by navigating through “Audience” to “Mobile” and then to “Overview”.

The data is then separated into the categories of “Mobile”, “Tablet” and “Desktop”.

This data will show you whether or not the frequency of your mobile visits could be affected by your mobile optimisation or lack thereof. Just like desktop sites, page speed for mobiles is also very important for Google rankings.

Displaying the data

Sometimes the hardest part about website optimisation is not the job itself, but convincing lay-people about what’s effective and what’s not. Often a colourful graph displaying data in an easy to digest way can be the difference between search engine optimisation being undervalued or not.

Luckily, the dashboard interface on Google Analytics makes it easy to display all of the relevant data in a visually appealing way. A group of Widgets will gather all of the reports you want to display and put them into a single view that can be easily distributed.

The dashboard isn’t just useful for presenting the information, but for analysing it yourself. Simple sets of information can be viewed more quickly here than navigating to their respective pages.

Using Google Analytics means getting your hands on a powerful level on insight into your websites’ SEO, to further assist your business, you should also look for SEO Sydney services. This insight will not only be useful in convincing others of the success or failure of certain strategies but inform the direction future plans will take.


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