Smartphones are not only convenient, but they can save your life. If you’ve ever walked alone at night or jogged late after work, then you know how scary that can be. Or perhaps you’ve gone on a blind date and felt concerned for your safety. Property and violent crimes happen regularly. In fact, 1.25 million violent crimes and 7.9 million property crimes were committed in the U.S. in 2016. Read why your smartphone can keep you safe and may even be the difference between life and death.

Call for Help

The most obvious way your smartphone can save your life is to use it to call for help. You can preprogram phone numbers for your family and close friends. In the name field, enter “in case of emergency” and insert your primary contact’s name in the Company Info section. Emergency service personnel will look for this when trying to find your primary contacts.

Also, 911 is right at your fingertips and can be preprogrammed into your phone.

Image via Flickr by ER24 EMS (Pty) Ltd.

Track Your Location

Sometimes we misplace our smartphones and have to track it. The fear of losing a cell phone can be overwhelming, but enabling tracking features eases some anxiety. Features like and apps like Find My iPhone make it easy to track your phone.

Enabling tracking your phone features and giving access to someone you trust can come in handy. In case of an emergency, a trusted source can easily access your smartphone and track your location.

Use Your GPS

If you get lost, you use GPS. Not only does the system route your destination, but it can tell you what gas stations or convenience stores are close to you. Some GPS services are free and some have a fee.

Locate Your Car

Have you ever gone somewhere and forgot where you parked? This can be extremely dangerous, especially at night or if you’re in an area that you’re not familiar with. You can use your smartphone to take a note of where you’ve parked or use a Find My Car app. You’ll find a variety of Find My Car apps, and most don’t require a Bluetooth in your vehicle.

Buy a Glow-in-the-Dark Case

Typically people purchase glow-in-the-dark phone cases because they are cool or they help you find your phone easily in the dark. The point is that the phone stands out in the dark. If you’re ever crossing the street late at night, your phone case can standout and make you visible. Now cars can see you better.

Samsung 8 tablet
Image via Flickr by Samsung Belgium

Monitor Your Home When You’re Away

Worried about whether your home is secure while vacationing in Europe? Home security apps are a great way to monitor your home while you’re out. Your smartphone can transition into a video camera with real-time video and audio streaming. If your phone has a big screen like the Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile, you’ll get a clear picture of your home. T-Mobile has the fastest 4G LTE network in the nation. You can also use motion detection features and receive notifications.

Get Kitestring

We can’t forget about smartphone apps that help keep you safe. Kitestring is a new app that makes sure you get from point A to B safely. How Kitestring works is that you tell it your location and set a time when you are to check in. Via SMS, the app will check in with you at the designated time. If you don’t respond back, then it sends a message to your emergency contacts.

Try Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me is another great app to keep you safe. You tell Watch Over Me how long to monitor you, and it uses a tracking service to track your location. If you don’t tap “I am safe” when your time is up, then your exact location on a map, along with any pictures you downloaded, are sent to your emergency contact. Be sure to add photos or notes when you use this app.

Next time you feel unsafe, whip out your smartphone. In any event, keep your smartphone close to you. It should always be handy and visible in case of an emergency.


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