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The best apps available for your car


Without a doubt there is an app for everything these days. From ordering anything you can imagine over your phone to apps that track vital health statistics, there are limitless options when it comes to your smartphone. However, many people are unaware of some vital apps that you can use in tandem with your car. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps for cars.

Gas Buddy

This app available for iOS, Android and Blackberry not only lets you know exactly which gas station has the lowest prices around you, but tells you how to get there as well. You no longer have to drive to three different stations to compare prices; Gas Buddy organizes all the different prices for you on your phone. Gas Buddy also tells you differences in price between premium, regular, and diesel gasoline. This is the perfect app for those drivers who like to save a buck or two when they fill up.


The website that makes buying and selling new and used cars easy is now available in app form for iOS, and Android. Save your searches and receive notifications on the cars you have been looking at, in case prices drop or the vehicle has been sold. The cars.com app lets you control the process of buying a car from start from finish right from your phone. Scan the VIN number of any vehicle and get competitive pricing information. The cars.com is a must have if you plan on buying or selling a vehicle in the future.

Witness Driving

Ever witness something exciting or dangerous on the road, and wished you had a camera to capture the moment? Well Witness Driving turns your smart phone into a dash cam so you can capture every moment you spend on the road. Not only useful for catching stray daytime comets or instances of extreme road rage, Witness Driving could help you defend your case should you be caught in an accident. Available for iOS and Android, Witness Driving is perfect for those people who spend a majority of their time on the road.


A classic. Waze beats out Google Maps and Apple’s map app thanks to its community input design and extra features. If you are stuck in traffic, Waze can help you navigate around the jam using side streets. It has real time traffic updates thanks to its design. Other Waze app users let you know where the traffic is, if there are blockages in any lanes, and if there happens to be law enforcement in the area. Best of all, Waze is free to download for both iOS and Android.

Car Minder

It’s easy to forget about when you need your next oil change, or when the last time you took your car in for maintenance was. Car Minder makes it easy though by cataloguing all services and repairs done to your vehicle, as well as keeping track of your service schedule. Car Minder can also track your miles-per-gallon and work for multiple vehicles. Car Minder is the perfect tool to keep you on top of your car’s health.


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