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How to increase traffic to your family focused blog


Increasing traffic to any such blog regardless of its focus can be a task and a half if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, you needn’t worry and get stressed about having to completely redesign your blog and start from scratch if you feel it is underperforming and achieving. Your blog may only need a few tweaks here and there to get it well on its way to becoming a more popular one. These tips and tricks will follow in the course of this article, however, let’s be clear from the start, if you know yourself that you’re somewhat artistically and technologically challenged, then employing a marketing or web design specialist is going to be your best bet in having a successful and popular blog. For those who are ready to get stuck in however, then this list is for you.

Giveaways And Prizes

Simply put, people love freebies, and by advertising the chance of winning something free on your blog, you should garner some considerable attention as long as you’re utilizing your social media platforms to get the word across as well. Since you’re blogging about family life and all that it entails, you should keep your giveaways appropriate and relevant. Consider offering tickets to see a theater production for a family-friendly show, get some ideas from searching through sites like ticketsales.com and deciding upon which show you think will be most popular. You could even run a poll on your blog and ask which show is best or read online reviews. Once the winner has been decided and announced, then ask them if they’d write a review of the show with reference to you and your blog over on their site. Giveaways and prizes allow you network as you might have started to see from reading this.

Be Engaging

In order to drive traffic, you’ll need to be employing SEO copywriting with headlines and keywords, and a visually appealing and stimulating appearance to your blog. You can achieve this by adding a simple yet bold banner and an aesthetically pleasing layout free from clunky and fussy fonts. Think bold for the appearance and use muted colors so as not to bombard your viewers with an attack on the senses, steer clear of overloading their sensory systems and in turn, having them click away from your blog as instead finding another. Engage your readers with video, as it’s far easier to click play on a video screen than it is to read through reams of text, so think about adding some interactive elements to your family blog. Video is also far more accessible to young children who may struggle with reading your blog.

Guest Star

Think about writing a feature for another family-focused blog or appear in a video on their site. By doing this you’ll be getting your name out to a wider audience, and this is exactly what you’ll need to be doing if you want to increase traffic to your blog. Since your niche is family life, then you could think about reviewing a recipe that you prepared using the instructions from another family blog.


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