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Examining the advantages of a diesel engine


Over the last couple of decades, American car manufacturers and owners have largely steered clear of diesel technology. There are a couple of different reasons for this, but most of the blame can be attributed to the simple fact that diesel cars have a reputation for being loud and slow, as well as significant polluters. While this was certainly true of the first diesel engines, this isn’t an accurate assessment of the modern diesel engine.

Diesel engines have gained a significant amount of popularity in most global automobile markets. Both drivers and automobile manufacturers have been on a sustained quest for the best gas mileage possible. With the many advances made in diesel technology over the last couple of decades, could now be the time to finally consider making the switch to diesel? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Fuel Economy

Modern diesel engines offer drivers a very attractive fuel economy, often showing a clear advantage over the gasoline equivalent. Most of us would like to be able to save more of our money, identifying opportunities to make even the smallest of regular savings is worthwhile, switching the type of car that you drive could potentially make a big difference to your budget.

In some cases, a diesel vehicle can offer 20% more mileage on the same amount of gas when compared to a gasoline engine; a significant improvement! While most diesel engines won’t increase the driver’s mileage quite as dramatically, they still often offer increased fuel economy and, therefore, represent some kind of saving.

Driving on the Highway

Many drivers have chosen to adopt hybrid car technology rather than making the switch entirely to diesel. Both diesel and gasoline perform better under certain conditions, but a hybrid car allows drivers to switch between fuel types and so drive in the most efficient way for their current situation.

The highway is one place where a diesel engine offers a clear and undisputable advantage. For diesel cars, the difference in efficiency between driving through a city and racing down a highway can be significant. If you will primarily be driving on the highway, then it might be worth investing in a diesel car.

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Low-end Power

There is something undeniably satisfying about the feeling of kicking a diesel engine into gear. The feeling of power as the engine roars to life and begins accelerating is almost intoxicating. It is exactly this kind of feeling that draws people towards motoring as a passion. Unlike the equivalent gas engine, a diesel engine doesn’t need to be revved very high to achieve optimal acceleration. Because of this, a diesel engine will often feel much more powerful, even though the motion of the car is the same.

For those who enjoy the sensation of peeling away from a traffic light or are just looking for an extra jolt of power in their day, a diesel engine is worth considering.

If you have never considered making the switch to a diesel engine, or even a hybrid, then now is as good a time as any. Diesel engines offer numerous advantages under the right driving conditions and often represent a better fuel economy.


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