Video games are a fun of their own league. If you are a gaming geek who deals with downloading games and handles gaming consoles, chances are that you might have had the annoying experience of getting an Xinput1_3.dll error. As a gaming enthusiast, it can be extremely annoying to get such an error that tends to obstruct your otherwise smooth gaming experience and hinders you from enjoying one of your favorite games.

Unfortunately, if you are a user of Microsoft Windows operating system, then you are bound to get such an error at some point in time. This is something which inevitable because of the way Windows based operating systems are designed to function and their vulnerability to third part malicious activity. Luckily, this is not something that cannot be taken care of. Despite all the nuisance that such errors create, you can easily resolve the issue if you understand the context of this file and follow a simple tutorial that will help you restore it.

What is a Xinput1_3.Dll File?

The Xinput1_3.dll file is one of the many Dynamic Link Library files that are a set of codes and instructions meant to facilitate various programs and applications that run on Windows based operating systems. Each type of application requires its own set of dll file. The Xinput1_3.dll file is used for programs that are based on DirectX. This covers programs and applications that are related to either video games or are graphics based. This means that any program or application that involves advanced graphics is at risk of getting an Xinput1_3.dll file missing error.

You will normally come across this error when you are trying to launch a game or an advanced graphic based software or any other program that is supported by DirectX at the backend.

How to Resolve a Xinput1_3.Dll File Missing Error?

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing an Xinput1_3.dll file missing error. Usually this happens when the file is either misplaced or corrupted due to some malicious activity that might have affected the system. However, you can easily resolve this issue and can resume your gaming experience by following simple steps.

The first thing that you should do whenever you get such an error is to restart your system. This is because at times the error actually means nothing and appears out of fluke. If you are a lucky and that is the case, a simple system reboot will get the job done.

Another possibility is that you might be receiving this error because the version of DirectX on your system has become outdated. In this case you can simply download an updated version of DirectX from any online resource and proceed to running your application.

Incase updating your DirectX version still fails to resolve the issue then there is a chance that the file is either not present at all or has been corrupted. In this case the ideal solution is to download Dll files. You can download the Xinput1_3.dll from this site and save it in your System32 folder to solve the issue.


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