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Top 10 things to know before starting your career in AWS cloud platform

TechnologyTop 10 things to know before starting your career in AWS cloud platform

The Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a secure and safe cloud platform, which offers services such as compute power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality to help all the business scales grow.
Due to which the AWS training is attracting the individuals to start their career in AWS.

Here are 10 things you need to know before starting your career in the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform.

1. Broad IT infrastructure platform
The AWS cloud Platform provides a huge set of infrastructure services like storage options, networking, and databases, computing power which are delivered on demand as a utility and are made available in seconds with pay as you go pricing.

2. Virtual platform
The cloud computing with AWS is a platform for virtually every use case where more than 50 services from data warehousing to deployment tools, directories to content delivery is available in a just few mouse clicks.
All the other new services are quick responsive without upfront capital expense, start-ups, allowing enterprises, SMBs and customers in the public sector to access all the building blocks, which needs to be responded quickly to modify the business requirements

3. Deep Features
AWS cloud has come up with all the new features which allow the customers to pin, power and play ball in completely new ways.
After working with organizations as diverse as Pinterest, GE and MLB for almost a decade AWS has developed deep features such as a broad range of database engines, encryption, server configuration and powerful big data tools that let you focus on your core business rather on cooling infrastructure.

4. Wide choice of Operating Systems
The operating system built, designed and optimized for the cloud platform can drive better stability, security and performance, on the other hand, enables new levels of automation.
The AWS cloud supports the Operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and many more.
Being able to choose the operating system you require in the cloud makes it easy to deploy the applications your business needs.

5. Stronger security
The security in the cloud is recognized as stronger than On-premises.
The core features of security like broad security certification and accreditation, hardware security modules, data encryption at rest and in-transit and strong physical security contributes substantially to a more secure way to manage the Business IT infrastructure.

Keep in mind that in AWS there is no locked door to lock at night and security is an essential factor since “the building” is purely digital, so it is essential to understand the concept of Infrastructure as Code and the importance of security from the ground up.

6. High-Performance Computing
The High-Performance computing in the AWS cloud platform involves three basic factors that are:

a)Powerful Multicore Processors
For High performance computing the workload requires multiple high-speed cores.
The on-demand availability of these processors puts supercomputers class power in the hands of every developer.

b) High Speed Interconnects
The most High-Performance Computing codes exchange the information between the nodes of a cluster over the network.
A high speed interconnected network ensures the low latency delivery of this exchange of codes and will significantly accelerate large-scale computational workloads.

c) Physical proximity between instances
The instances such that their underlying hardware which is physically close altogether reduces communication latency between all those instances, all over improving the quality of computational performance.

7. Compliance and Governance
Today’s It infrastructure landscape has crucial capabilities such as controlling, auditing and managing identity, configurations, and usage.
With the AWS cloud platform, all these capabilities are inbuilt into the platform helping the user meet the deep visibility into compliance, governance,and regulatory requirements.

8. Hybrid Capabilities
Making a decision between the current investment in the infrastructure and moving to the cloud platform is not a binary one.
Strong connectivity, identity federation, top-notch and deep features and integrated tools will allow the user to run “Hybrid” applications across cloud services and on-premises.

9. Wide Global Network
The AWS cloud Global network of regions and edge locations spans 54 availability zones with in 18 Geographic regions and 1 Local region across the world.
And with the announced plans for 12 more availability zones and 4 more regions in theNorthern region such as Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, Sweden, and a second AWS GovCloud region in theU.S, the AWS cloud platform is all set to spread worldwide.

10. Trustworthy IT infrastructure
The IT infrastructure is trusted by over 1 million customers, which include the companies like Spotify, Comcast, Airbnb, Yelp, Shazam etc.


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