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Traffic jams: how they happen

TechnologyTraffic jams: how they happen

Driving can be absolutely joyous, and on other occasions, it can be stress inducing and downright maddening. Getting stuck in a traffic jam is one of those things associated with day-to-day living, and for the most part, they’re unavoidable. Crawling along the highway for over an hour is hardly how you envisioned beginning your day, but this is the reality for many commuters.

However, can the frequency of traffic jams be cut in half? With new driving technologies and a change in how drivers react to inconveniences on the road, this could be feasible and music to your ears.

Road Traffic Incidents

Some traffic jams are caused as a result of crashed cars blocking the road and not allowing others to pass. Those behind the wheel are responsible for their actions and can create an incident if they’re speeding, not paying attention, and being careless. There needn’t necessarily have been an accident to hold up traffic, though. Instead, delays can be due to driver altercations and subsequent refusal to move as well as rubbernecking.

Stop-Start Motion

When you’re stuck in a traffic jam, the stop-start motion and crawling speeds can damage the mechanisms of your car, causing you further stress to worry about (as if being late wasn’t enough to think about). However, such stresses can be relieved if you lease a car. Through leasing a car, you’re under warranty for the duration of your lease, meaning you won’t be responsible to any repair costs needed.

Sudden Braking

Tailbacks aren’t always caused by road traffic accidents up ahead. Traffic jams can be the result of slow reaction time and human inconsistencies. For example, when one driver has to brake suddenly due to an animal on the road, so do the other drivers behind, causing a chain reaction. To avoid colliding with the vehicle in front, each driver has to slow down in response to the danger on the road.

Smoking Behind The Wheel

Roads can be extremely dangerous places, and being distracted at the wheel can cause road traffic accidents in split seconds. Neglecting to consider the welfare of other drivers before smoking while in control of a vehicle is dangerous for everyone on the roads. Also, smoking chemically effects your brain, and can affect your ability to stay focused and alert. Being careless and lighting up on your journey is not your brightest move yet.

Using Mobile Phones

In the worst case scenario, using a mobile phone behind the wheel can cause a serious accident resulting in the death of yourself and other road users. Reading a text message can result in having to slow your car to read your screen and maintain control over the vehicle at the same time. Braking to slow down on busy roads can cause a backlog of vehicles having to put down their brakes because the vehicle in front is doing so.

Bad Weather

Adverse weather conditions can spell chaos on the roads. Icy and wet conditions are infamous for causing collisions and vehicles to lose their grip and veer off the roads. Bad weather dictates that drivers go slowly in order to avoid accidents, and a direct result can reduce roads to bumper-to-bumper traffic jams.

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