Mobile gaming has gained popularity over past decade and has extensively changed how veterans and casual gamers interact and relate in gaming environments. Currently, billions of smartphone users play mobile games every day, and that explains why the industry has expanded from the console & PC markets to something bigger. And at the hub of this booming mobile industry are powerful, smartphones and another compatible advanced tech that will keep on shaping the industry this year.

Social features

The introduction of the ability to engage socially through gaming apps has taken mobile gaming a notch higher. Teenage gamers prefer engaging on platforms like Snapchat. And in 2018, mobile developers may add new features and techniques to better the social aspect of mobile gaming. Again, there’s the growing love for real-time gamer-versus-gamer engagement, and top sites like are ensuring enthusiasts stay updated, and mobile apps offer a range of real-time game experiences.

Mobile game brands

Go phenomenon— the mobile gaming brand— was the ultimate case study of how popular franchises can exploit a brand name’s success to deliver unmatched gaming experiences to our mobile devices. Though Pokemon’s success is still a hot topic, market analysts expect it to trigger the surfacing of higher quality smartphones.

And as leading publishers like Bethesda and Ubisoft notice how big mobile gaming is growing, we are looking forward to an integrated marketing strategy where publishers may start using apps, celebrities and user experiences on iOS & Android as well as other trending methods to further promote their brands.

Mobile eSports

eSports gaming dominated the market with the PC & console multiplayer online gaming led by League of Legends, but there’s a possibility mobile take over. At the front line of this upcoming trend is the freemium mobile game Clash Royale. And while its scenes are still is in the developing stages, analysts believe it could push eSports to the middle-of-the-road for the first time.

Though video-based professional gaming has attracted masses and may hit a net worth of $1.5 billion com the end of the decade, mobile could push it to newer heights. And this enthusiasm has been for the most part driven by the pick and go nature of mobile games.

Freemium focus

Mobile introduced the freemium pricing model and this year see this approach grow and mature as industry developers are looking for new ways to attract more gamers. Free-to-play games are an excellent approach for smartphone gaming because its audience is mainly made of casual gamers—often unwilling to pay up front, but would quickly take up in-app purchases if they lover the in-game experience.

Improved gaming experience

The gaming industry has also managed to climb up the ladder so fast because of the effort smartphone manufacturing experts have made. These days, smartphones are high-performing with powerful screens so gamers enjoy the best view.

The mobile game industry is full of surprises. Who knows what 2018 will mean for industry experts and game lovers?


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