There are many applications that make videos from photos, but all of them have become more expensive over time, leaving few 100% free.

One of them is LightMV, web application that has several templates so that we can upload photos and see how the video is generated with various effects included, being possible to export the result in a simple way.

In addition to being free, it does not require any registration, and they promise to keep it at least with basic options, something similar to what they did animoto or magisto in their beginnings. They have many themes, and we can make a preview of each without having to wait a long time. The result does not contain watermark, unlike other options, so it is ideal to publish the video on social networks without constantly indicating the tool used to create the content.

They indicate that to use it is not necessary to use LightMV plugins in the browser, and that we can share the result with buttons included in the platform, to save time when distributing it.

It is not possible to define how long each image should appear in the video, nor to make advanced editions, but it does include background sound, something that is not easy to find on the web.

In this video you can see more details of the LightMV platform.


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