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Web design tips for complete newbies


Have you ever found yourself frustrated at websites for their hopelessly misguided design choices? Do you think that you could probably do better yourself, if only you had the tools to do so? If so, you should consider learning how to design and build websites. The tools you need to do so can be obtained for free, so anyone who wants to learn this useful skill can easily do so.

Mastering the Basics

When you are designing your first website, you want to focus on things like the design, layout, and navigation. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of building websites, you need to have some idea of what direction your work should be going in.

In the past, anyone wanting to make a website would have had to familiarize themselves with HTML, at the very least. However, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get, pronounced ‘wiz-ee-wig’) editors. These are web building tools which are graphical in nature. The user builds their website by dragging and dropping elements into the editor. The actual underlying code is auto generated by the editor to produce the desired result.

When you are just starting out, tutorials will be very helpful to you. You can find free tutorials online to help you with any problems you might encounter while building your website. Liberian Geek is a great place to start as they have a range of tutorials on different subjects. Click view article for an example.

Learning to Code

Once you understand how to lay your website out, you can then begin to develop your knowledge further. The next logical place to go is to coding.

HTML, specifically HTML 5, is the coding language you need to know in order to build your website. There are other languages which will be helpful, for example, Java is the best language for writing web apps. Think about the kind of website you want to build, and which features you will need to add to it.

Once you know what kind of features and functions you want to add, you can then start investigating the best way to go about building them.

Upping Your Game

It will take you a while to develop your coding and design skills, so you shouldn’t attempt to rush the process. Once you feel confident in your abilities, you can start looking for more advanced and specialized projects to try.

For example, if you want to really challenge yourself, you could try building some kind of online multiplayer game. The game itself doesn’t have to be complicated – learning to connect multiple users together simultaneously is the main objective.

Learning to design and build websites is a fantastic idea for anyone who wants to simultaneously learn a highly marketable skill, while also engaging their creative side. Anyone who wants to build a website can find the tools to do so online, free of charge. There are also an endless array of tutorials and guides out there that will help you to learn new skills and devise new challenges for yourself.


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