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Real-time language translation has been made possible with the use of wearable technology. Tech giant Google launched earbuds that carry this capability. It is, however, more notable that there are other players in the field offering the same technology but as earlier predecessors to Google.

At Venturefest in December 2016, Danny Manu pitched the upcoming launch of his product CLIK to a global market. The ground-breaking promise of his product was the ability to translate languages real-time through a wireless earpiece. The market for translation earbuds remains highly competitive, and start-ups like Manu’s company need to get it right to avoid costly mistakes in the long run. Luckily for Manu, his product has already received a positive reception from the Indiegogo platform.

Versatile usage scenarios

The CLIK earpiece boasts versatility in functions. Here are some scenarios where it is seen to be ideal for the user:

  • For the regular music lover. The CLIK earbud is a fully functional earphone with amazing sound quality. It has an ergonomic design that is also gentle on the ears even after hours of use.
  • As a travelling companion. Most travellers have difficulty communicating when they are abroad. The earbud aims to remove language barriers and make communicating easier for travellers.
  • Business travellers. Language is the only thing that limits globalisation. With CLIK, conducting business abroad becomes much easier. It is also less difficult to conduct meetings and conferences because you have a handy translation tool that allows you to communicate with stakeholders speaking a different language in real-time.
  • Medical industry. Another potential application of a language translation earbud like CLIK is in the medical profession. Medical practitioners can use it to communicate with patients in their preferred language.
  • Military. Language translation is especially useful for military personnel deployed in foreign locations. With a wearable device, the need to hire translators can be eliminated. It also helps improve the function and mobility of personnel who are active in the field of duty.

The technology for producing wireless earbuds is no longer revolutionary since it has been around for some time. However, what CLIK does is improve on the existing technology by getting rid of the problems. For starters, CLIK makes use of the latest Bluetooth technology enhancing the connectivity of the device. In the UK, similar efforts in research and innovation are rewarded through R&D tax credits for software development.

The most exciting feature of the product, which is language translation, aims to further help people in their quest for improving communication at a global level. The product has already gained interest as a start-up and will continue to gain interest from consumers in the coming months.


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